The Count Down

My Reward

I have been thinking about my goals for 2011 and have decided that a reward would be a nice addition to the whole thing.

So, if I make my 365 hours of bellydance practice AND if my body is stronger–my reward is a trip to Paris, France for the Bellyfusions workshops and show in January of 2012.

I have been wanting to go to that for years and I never do.  I am going next year and the only thing that will stop me is not reaching my goals.

The biggest thing I have to watch for is getting to Thanksgiving and then saying to myself  “It’s  holiday time so I don’t need to exercise and I can eat junk for all meals until January 1st.”  That is what I do every year.  Not in those exact words; I am much more crafty.  I justify it in various creative ways.  However, I will not consider my body goal met if I do it this year so I must power through right to the very end!!!

Now I am ready to start on Saturday the 1st!!  I am not logging anything before then but it doesn’t mean I am not doing anything.  Today I went to a two-hour bellydance boot camp and I plan to exercise this week too.  I am hoping this will help a little with my moment of  horror (which is my plan to weigh myself on the 1st of the year and see what holiday damage has been done.)  I will log that number on here.  (HaHaHaHaHa).  No I won’t.  That number is off-limits to the world but I will know!!

The Count Down

The Beginning of the Jezeblog

Blogging about a passion in life.  What a great thing to do!!  My passion is dance.  I am specifically a bellydancer and an instructor of bellydance.  However, there are many styles of dance I love and fuse into my bellydance.  I also teach burlesque on its own.

My blog idea is to focus on the positive of what I think is in its own way, an adventurous life choice–Bellydancer.  It isn’t something I thought I would be when I was a child nor is it something I thought I would be when I was working as a social worker for nearly a decade.   It has changed my whole world and for that I am eternally greatful to God.

I think back to my life before it and I get bored at my own thoughts.  I can’t believe I lived without it for so long.  I guess that is how a calling works.  I hope everyone in the world finds their calling too.  We are unique and there are enough to go around.  Art, creation, and passing that onto others is why I exsist on this earth.  I have taught hundreds of dance students in the last seven years since I started teaching dance and I have seen many of their lives change too.  I have seen many self-esteems raise because of dance– starting with mine.  I became a completely different person and I love that I can be a part of that for a student of mine.  Even if it is one class or workshop; it doesn’t take very long for inspiration to hit.

So, I am going to blog for the entire year of 2011.  Nearly everyday.  I was inspired by a post I read by Olivia of Zafira who said she is going to practice bellydance for an hour everyday for the entire year.  She got the idea from another bellydancer blogger who’s name escapes me but credit to her anyway. 

I am going to do that, (sort of.)  I am not going to commit to a certain time limit per day for three reasons:  1.  I think if I say it will be an hour or more, it will turn into a chore in my mind and I will start practicing just so I can reach that hour on occasion.  I want to keep loving it.  2.  I am going to the Caribbean for two weeks (on a cruise ship) and I find it unlikely that I will squeeze in a full hour everyday for the two weeks. 3.  Because of an illness I had in 2006, I now get very high fevers when I get sick which render me unable to stand up on occasion thus not being able to dance for an hour on those days.

I am the queen of no excuses, but I do want to set a reachable goal for myself and not feel like I have failed the first time I get a 102 fever or because I spent the day on the beaches of St Lucia.  So, here are my two goals:

-I am going to practice my art for a minimum of 365 hours this year.

-I am going to make my body stronger.

The making my body stronger part was inspired by an article I read about the Dancing with the Stars pros.  It said that dancers are in better shape than most athletes because of their practice schedule.  Also, those stars that dance with the pros change their bodies so qucikly because of thier 5-8 hours of training per day.  All you really need to get that strong body is a rigid schedule of dance training and practice and you have it all–great dance skills and the strong body to go with it, right??  We’ll see!!  I will blog about everything I do to acheive these goals and next Christmas, if all goes well, I will be blogging about my excellent dance skills and body!!

I will officially start on January 1, 2011.  How exciting!!