The Count Down

My Reward

I have been thinking about my goals for 2011 and have decided that a reward would be a nice addition to the whole thing.

So, if I make my 365 hours of bellydance practice AND if my body is stronger–my reward is a trip to Paris, France for the Bellyfusions workshops and show in January of 2012.

I have been wanting to go to that for years and I never do.  I am going next year and the only thing that will stop me is not reaching my goals.

The biggest thing I have to watch for is getting to Thanksgiving and then saying to myself  “It’s  holiday time so I don’t need to exercise and I can eat junk for all meals until January 1st.”  That is what I do every year.  Not in those exact words; I am much more crafty.  I justify it in various creative ways.  However, I will not consider my body goal met if I do it this year so I must power through right to the very end!!!

Now I am ready to start on Saturday the 1st!!  I am not logging anything before then but it doesn’t mean I am not doing anything.  Today I went to a two-hour bellydance boot camp and I plan to exercise this week too.  I am hoping this will help a little with my moment of  horror (which is my plan to weigh myself on the 1st of the year and see what holiday damage has been done.)  I will log that number on here.  (HaHaHaHaHa).  No I won’t.  That number is off-limits to the world but I will know!!


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