The Count Down

Caribbean Queen

“And our hearts they beat as one.  No more love on the run.”

So I am off on my little Caribbean vacation.  I will no longer be wearing socks and winter coats.  I just packed sandals, sundresses, and sunblock.  I look forward to my break from the winter.  It helps me as I am a sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

While I am gone I will be logging bellydance practice hours in a tiny little book I am taking with me.  I need to practice or I will come home unprepared for my Gothic Workshop and Show that is set for February 19th.  For more information go to and click on workshops.  I must have a plug for myself every now and then in the blog!!

I will be gone for nearly two weeks and will be unable to blog.  Faithful readers, please try to get on with your daily lives even though they will lack the sarcastic wit I offer in my daily countdown.  Jez would want you to enjoy the winter days.

As for hours today, I taught two classes but there was much yakking and lots of me bossing people around.  I can’t take the whole two so I logged 1 1/2 hours of practice today.  My job is, like, so hard!!

The next blog will have the hours logged during my vacation and hopefully some cool stories about it too!!!

28 done, 337 to go!!!

See you all soon!!!

The Count Down

I’m So Tired

“I don’t know what to do.  I’m so tired my mind is set on you.”

I just got back from Richmond.  Exhausting and quick round trip to and from one of the best shows I have ever been a part of.  The Holocaust Museum performance hall is beautiful.  The honored survivors were in the front row.  After we finished our show, we took a picture with all of them and talked to them.  They loved the show and are such great people.  This is one of those gigs that I will remember in 30 years when I am no longer dancing and thinking fondly back on the days I used to dance in shows.  All that and I didn’t drop my sword.

I managed to get some practice time in too.  On Friday when we arrived, the band was rehearsing and we practiced for the two songs we were in a few times each.  I logged 30 minutes that day.

Back stage on show day, Celeste and I decided we didn’t like the ending of our routine so we changed the choreography and we rehearsed it over and over until the show started.  That gave me an hour for yesterday.

Since I plan on going to bed as soon as I finish this paragraph, I am giving myself a big 0 minutes practice time today.  I am soooo tired!!!

26.5 done, 338.5 to go!!

The Count Down

C’mon Join the Joyride

“Don’t need no fortune teller, to know where my lucky love belongs, oh no.”

So, a gas leak was found in my house today.  Maybe I could use that as an excuse for my craziness, yes??  The gas company came over and fixed it but it put me way behind schedule.  I was supposed to be getting ready for my road trip to Richmond, VA!!

I am pretty much ready now but it is late and I need to go to bed–for the joyride begins early.  Although, Celeste is supposed to pick me up and she is always late.  I am calling her out on it because I know she doesn’t read my blog so I won’t have to answer for it.  I will let all my faithful readers know if I get in trouble for it.  (But I won’t!!)

Anyway, we are performing at the Virginia Holocaust Museum and survivors of the Holocaust are going to be guests at the show.  The show includes us, Maharal, Turku, Mavi, and To The Earth.    It is going to be such an experience.  I am excited to be included.  🙂

Tomorrow after we arrive, we are going to practice with the band.  The next day we are going to practice some more before going on.  I will count all practice time towards my goal but not performance time.  That is why I am doing this after all.   Practice is practice so I can be great for performance!!

Today I practiced for this gig.  I practiced most of my songs for the goth show coming up and I taught cocaine combos.  All together I got one hour closer to my goal.

I won’t be able to blog until I get back on Sunday but I will be clock watching while I am gone and come back with a weekend total. 

25 done, 340 to go!!!!

Hittin’ the snowy road!!

The Count Down

If They Could See Me Now

“They’d never believe it.”

So I have good news and good news.  I did not accomplish all three of my goals for today but it wasn’t because of laziness.  It was because the group routine took me a loooong time to complete.  It is COMPLETE though!!!  I  started that piece in October and I have gotten so sidetracked by a million other gigs that we took a break and came back to it later. 

I finished it today and went to meet my troupe to teach it to them.  When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my choreography book and we all had to drive back to my house so I could teach it to them.  It may sound bad but I got to see how it would look in the mirrors of my studio so it worked out for me, anyway.  🙂

I also accomplished one of the other goals.  I finished my solo for the duo we are doing this weekend.  That sword swinging solo was tough to put to music because of crazy time signatures that the song writer felt the need throw our way.  He wrote the song just for us and I had my work cut out for me on that one.  There are 11 time signatures in 4. 5 minutes.  It’s done and read to go!!!!  It was different from I am used to.  He will keep me on my toes!!!

So I choreographed parts of two songs and taught half a choreography to my troupe.  I logged in 3 1/2 hours today.

24 hours down, 241 to go!!!

24 hours??  That means that I have an entire day practicing dance this year so far!!  It is so weird to think of it that way.

The Count Down


“Turn and face the strange.”

I need to be more dedicated.  I know that may sound weird since I am counting down to a pretty good goal but I could get so much more done in a day.  I feel lazy.  I feel like I should be accomplishing so much more.  In the end, I always get everything finished that needs to be but my numbers could be more even and higher.  I could be in the drilling phase of the routines I am finishing slowly if I had a schedule and stuck to it.  So that is what I am going to change.

I seem to be so insistent on doing what I say I am going to do on this blog–even though to my knowledge, I only have only a handful of readers.  AND I LOVE EVERY ONE OF YOU!! 

Regardless of my small following, I stayed on a diet that made me ill so I could complete my task I for the blog.  Sometimes I go down to my studio and practice just because I don’t want to have to tell all few of you that I didn’t do anything!!  I know I would be a procrastinator with less done then I have now if it wasn’t for the blog so–yeah!!  I think announcing some things I want to do the next day might get me to actually do more.  We’ll see.  That is the change that I have planned for now.  It could change though.  😉

I have three routines that I want complete tomorrow:  the Hareem Shar’eem routine for my Goth Show, my sword swinging solo for the duo I am performing in this weekend, and one of the routines I am going to teach at the Goth Show.  This is tomorrow’s check list.  If I don’t do it, I have to come on here and tell you all of how I watched The Price is Right instead and hang my head in shame!!!

On to the positive–today I worked on the three routines I listed above and got myself another hour towards my goal.

20.5 done, 344.5 remaining

The Count Down

Pure Energy

“Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Today was a really good day.  I got my energy back and the migraine is a thing of the past.  Clearly the result of the diet, FYI.  I do have a few people asking to borrow my copy of Cinch now that I have managed to lose 8 pounds in five days.  I am glad to loan it out but I do need to say:  Try it at your own risk.

I tried out various things today for my upcoming shows.  I did outlines of dances for myself and my troupe.  I love the creative process.  I love when I listen to music and see what I want to do with it.  Some of the dancers I work with have seen the idea look on my face when choreography suddenly pops into my head.  I get overly excited when I create things.  I had that feeling today when some of my ideas and plans for the Goth show started to come together.  I feel good about the things I am creating for it.

Doing that combined with the practice I did teaching my classes today got me 2 1/2 hours more towards my goal.

19.5 down, 345.5 to go!!

It still seems like such a high number but it is only January!!  🙂

The Count Down


“Your purple prose just gives you away.”

No one was as shocked as me when I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed that I lost 8 pounds.  Eight pounds exactly.  I still don’t believe it!!  I finished my 5 day diet plan last night.  It stated in the book Cinch that if you follow it, it will jump-start you and you will lose up to 8 pounds in five days.  They were right.  Wow!!!

My migraine has disappeared.  I am thinking that I had a reaction to one of the foods on the plan.  In fact, I really didn’t feel good the whole five days I was on the plan.  It might just be me because it does not starve you.  There are four meals per day and they are big enough that you are not hungry and they are all healthy foods.  I completed the 5 days even though I didn’t feel well because I wanted to finish my little experiment and blog the results.  Now that I have done that, I don’t think I will be hittin’ that diet again very soon.  There are great recipes in the book for when the 5 days are done.  I will try a few of those out and keep the healthy eating going.  They have a range of foods now instead of just five.

Today’s numbers are not large.  I worked on the Wicked Gypsy Goth piece by myself and then with Celeste along with another piece.  Altogether I can’t claim more than 30 minutes.   My foot is feeling a little better but I need it for tomorrow’s classes!!

17 done, 348 to go!!