The Count Down

Day One – I was Counting the Days Until Today

1/1/11–the day I have been waiting for.  The day I start my new goals!!  I thought I would wake up, jump out of bed and immediately start dancing and exercising with my goals in my heart.  My heart wasn’t on board with it this morning when I woke up a little tired and dehydrated though.  I wonder what that was from??  Yes, it was from going out for NYE.  I have been saying for over a month that I was going to boycott it.  That NYE was never as much fun as anyone plans so I was going to stay at home and not drink anything.  It didn’t take a whole lot for my friend to talk me into going and hanging out with her and her friends.  It was fun but I did not wake up wanting to practice bellydancing for an hour and then exercise.

What did I do??  Well, I spent half the day wondering if I should dance tired, or dance more tomorrow and less today.  My two hours of dance classes I will teach on Monday went through my head a few times.  Two hours would catch me up, right??

I am not big on excuses from my students, and as I found out today– I’m not big on them for myself.  I practiced bellydance for exactly one hour today!!!  I went downstairs (where my studio is) and worked on my advanced figure 8 drills that I am teaching in class Monday.  Those are really hard.  One good thing about me is I accidentally keep pushing myself.  I don’t always plan classes with things that are easy for me to do.  I teach things that are hard for me sometimes and then I have no choice but to make it easy by the time I teach it to everyone.  I don’t do it to make myself better.  I do it because I want to teach what I want to teach.  I’ll do whatever it is.  Getting better is a great side effect of my beautiful stubbornness when it comes to bellydance.  Not everyone that dances with me would agree that my stubbornness is beautiful but they are always happy in the end.

I also practiced my new and improved shimmy routine for my drilling class.  That is equally hard.  My students are going to love to hate both of these drills!!  And I practiced my “high energy combos” which is the PC name for what I call the Cocaine combos. They are a big hit with my classes so I am going to keep going with those.  They are serious cardio.  I was sweating!!  You know what else I was doing??  Clock watching!!!  I practiced for exactly one hour.  I did the minimum I needed to do to not feel I got off to a bad start on my first day.  I feel good but I am hoping I don’t clock watch every day.  I have many things coming up and so much work to do for them so I don’t think I will, but I do find it funny that I watched the clock.

After I did my hour of bellydance, I did a quick AB routine and some stretches for my hamstrings to meet my second goal of a stronger body.  I have decided that my short hamstrings are going to be a big focus this year.  It doesn’t take long to stretch them every day so I can throw those on the end of my workout and hopefully sit with my legs in front of me and rest my belly on my knees someday!!  Bold goal for “someday”!!!

1 hour done, 364 to go.  I’m off!!


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