The Count Down

Pure Energy

“Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Today was a really good day.  I got my energy back and the migraine is a thing of the past.  Clearly the result of the diet, FYI.  I do have a few people asking to borrow my copy of Cinch now that I have managed to lose 8 pounds in five days.  I am glad to loan it out but I do need to say:  Try it at your own risk.

I tried out various things today for my upcoming shows.  I did outlines of dances for myself and my troupe.  I love the creative process.  I love when I listen to music and see what I want to do with it.  Some of the dancers I work with have seen the idea look on my face when choreography suddenly pops into my head.  I get overly excited when I create things.  I had that feeling today when some of my ideas and plans for the Goth show started to come together.  I feel good about the things I am creating for it.

Doing that combined with the practice I did teaching my classes today got me 2 1/2 hours more towards my goal.

19.5 down, 345.5 to go!!

It still seems like such a high number but it is only January!!  🙂


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