The Count Down

If They Could See Me Now

“They’d never believe it.”

So I have good news and good news.  I did not accomplish all three of my goals for today but it wasn’t because of laziness.  It was because the group routine took me a loooong time to complete.  It is COMPLETE though!!!  I  started that piece in October and I have gotten so sidetracked by a million other gigs that we took a break and came back to it later. 

I finished it today and went to meet my troupe to teach it to them.  When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten my choreography book and we all had to drive back to my house so I could teach it to them.  It may sound bad but I got to see how it would look in the mirrors of my studio so it worked out for me, anyway.  🙂

I also accomplished one of the other goals.  I finished my solo for the duo we are doing this weekend.  That sword swinging solo was tough to put to music because of crazy time signatures that the song writer felt the need throw our way.  He wrote the song just for us and I had my work cut out for me on that one.  There are 11 time signatures in 4. 5 minutes.  It’s done and read to go!!!!  It was different from I am used to.  He will keep me on my toes!!!

So I choreographed parts of two songs and taught half a choreography to my troupe.  I logged in 3 1/2 hours today.

24 hours down, 241 to go!!!

24 hours??  That means that I have an entire day practicing dance this year so far!!  It is so weird to think of it that way.


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