The Count Down

C’mon Join the Joyride

“Don’t need no fortune teller, to know where my lucky love belongs, oh no.”

So, a gas leak was found in my house today.  Maybe I could use that as an excuse for my craziness, yes??  The gas company came over and fixed it but it put me way behind schedule.  I was supposed to be getting ready for my road trip to Richmond, VA!!

I am pretty much ready now but it is late and I need to go to bed–for the joyride begins early.  Although, Celeste is supposed to pick me up and she is always late.  I am calling her out on it because I know she doesn’t read my blog so I won’t have to answer for it.  I will let all my faithful readers know if I get in trouble for it.  (But I won’t!!)

Anyway, we are performing at the Virginia Holocaust Museum and survivors of the Holocaust are going to be guests at the show.  The show includes us, Maharal, Turku, Mavi, and To The Earth.    It is going to be such an experience.  I am excited to be included.  🙂

Tomorrow after we arrive, we are going to practice with the band.  The next day we are going to practice some more before going on.  I will count all practice time towards my goal but not performance time.  That is why I am doing this after all.   Practice is practice so I can be great for performance!!

Today I practiced for this gig.  I practiced most of my songs for the goth show coming up and I taught cocaine combos.  All together I got one hour closer to my goal.

I won’t be able to blog until I get back on Sunday but I will be clock watching while I am gone and come back with a weekend total. 

25 done, 340 to go!!!!

Hittin’ the snowy road!!


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