The Count Down

Jezebel Wasn’t Born

“With a silver spoon in her mouth.”

So last night I got so wrapped up in watching the Oscars that I forgot to blog.  I love the Oscars because of the red carpet and nominees all being good sports and supporting each other etc.  The gowns too!!  I always like the red ones.    There were some nice ones that were not red too.  I can be open to other colors.  🙂

In my mind, there is an Oscar for me someday.  There is a red carpet for me to walk; there is a red gown for me to wear.  Someday down the road when I am discovered.

Not if I don’t practice though, right??  I did my practicing while I was watching the Oscars.  I didn’t want to practice or create routines, I wanted to drill.  So I drilled some movements and watched the awards.  That works for drilling.  I will probably do that again.

I actually tried to do Serpentine–the Rachel Brice dvd earlier in the day.  I have the most horribly painful muscle pulled in my chest from coughing.  I stopped the dvd because of the pain.  I was hoping for pain pills today but the doctor can’t fit me in until Wednesday.  Oh well!!  The practice and classed must go on.

62.5 done, 302.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Met Marmelaide Down in Old Moulin Rouge

“Strutting her stuff on the street.”

I wanted to type in the gibberish of that song but I didn’t want to think about how to spell it.  I just woke up.  My computer wasn’t behaving last night so I went to bed without an update.

Yesterday we had a gig at a Dance and Game Revel.  How fun is that??  We brought the gypsy atmosphere–played gypsy music and danced while the games were going on.  If we ever do a gig like this one again, I want to add gypsy fortune telling.  That would have really added to the atmosphere.  During their feast we performed.  They were so nice to us.  We love them.

I got an hour in for both Friday and Saturday.  All practicing was for this gig.

62 done, 202 remain

More later because I haven’t even started today yet.  And tonight is the Oscars!!!  I love the Oscars.  They are so glamorous.  I always design a dress in my head that I would wear on the red carpet.  It is almost always red.  No, I am not 14.  Why do you ask??  😉

The Count Down

If you Want to Call Me Baby

“Just go ahead now.”

I add the songs at the beginning of my blogs because I read a book once that started every chapter with a different movie quote.  Sometimes I recalled the quote from a certain movie.  Sometimes I just knew I heard it somewhere before but could not place it.  And then of course, sometimes it was Chinese to me.  It was entertaining every time though.  That is what I am going for here.  Most of the time, the song I pick has something to do with the subject of my blog.  Once in a while it is a secret message to the universe–like tonight.  Go ahead now!!  😉

I started choreographing a song for The Shuvani Jezebels today.  It is a complicated song and I worked hard on it.  Then we didn’t learn it at practice.  We did improv instead.  I logged in 1 1/2 hours of practice though.  Always a good thing.

Tomorrow I am starting a big workout plan and eating healthy for all meals.  Once the big events are over I tend to go all sugar happy which I have been doing all week.  It is time for the detox.  Some people have cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.  I have chocolate!!  It ends now.  I will have to report my progress so if I fail, I must hang my head in shame using blog verse.  You all help me keep on track.  I don’t know who you all is because I think I lost all my readers when I went on the cruise but I pretend you are all still out there when I write my blogs.  😉

60 done, 305 to go!!!

The Count Down

She Belongs to the City

“Concrete under her feet.”

I grew up in a small town.  Seriously, nothing there!!  Many people who I graduated with still live there and don’t have a whole lot going on.  Small towns have their pros and cons.  I liked growing up there but if I still lived there, I would not be Jezebel.  I have four troupes that dance all over the place right now.  Some days, my little studio has a revolving door of dancers coming and going for rehearsals.  If I were in a small town teaching, I would have one little troupe that performed at the town Fourth of July festival every year and then began planning for next year’s festival on July 5th.  That is not enough for me.

So, there is the Improv class tonight.  I never get any practice in that class because it is one that is necessary for me to watch and give people orders.  Most of the class likes it and responds well.  They need to get they’re improv into its excellence.  The Shuvani Jezebels want to be great.  They decided after a gig in September that they wanted to step up their game and they are well on their way!!  I am going to make sure they get there.  Building improv skills is a huge step toward that.  We need to keep working at it at least through the spring.  That is when the festival gigs start.  Can’t wait for the snow to be gone and the barefoot dancing to begin!!

Onto the numbers:  Last night I practiced with Hareem Shar’eem for an hour.  Didn’t do much before or after.  I am starting to get my energy back for rehearsing now.  🙂

58.5 done, 306.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Have Nothing, Nothing, Nothing

“If I don’t have you!!”

This is going to be short.  I have some kind of bronchitis that has not gone away for a month.  I woke up feeling lousy, I felt worse as the day went by.  My Beginning Bellydance teacher came over to teach her class in the studio and I didn’t even get out of my pajamas to let her in to teach.   Grrrrrr.  I did not practice today.  I probably would have done an hour of practice anyway if I was behind in hours but it wasn’t pressing since I just had my workshop practices last week.  I took the day off. 

I am going to slept now.  Tomorrow is a new day of dance!!

Still 57.5 done, 307.5 to go

If I am at 60 hours by the end of the month, I will be averaging an hour a day so I am ahead of  the game.  I have a narrow window of time to not feel well.

The Count Down

And There’s Really No Place To Go

“Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

As long as you love me so.  😉

So I have been lax in my updates mainly because the weekend took so much out of me.  Saturday was my Gothic Workshop and Show.  The practicing of my art started early on that day.  I work up at 3:48 AM and decided I needed to make up some combos for my workshop–which I did.  The thing I didn’t do was go back to sleep.  I tried but failed.  I was a little foggy the next day but I made it through, thank you God!!

There was also many times running routines before and after the workshop and before the show.  The show went well aside from some minor technical problems and some panick over lack of changing space.  There seemed to be enough room for everyone to get ready so it worked out OK.

I got tons of compliments on my choreographies.  Maevyn was so on!!  People cannot stop raving about their burlesque piece.  They looked great.  And one of my troupe members was in awe of how good The Shuvani Jezebels have gotten.  She said they are like a whole new troupe!!  They are!!  They have been working so hard.  They decided to step it up and they seem to know what it takes to get where they want to be.  I am excited to see them grow even more with their next piece of work!!  Hareem Shar’eem managed to dance an advanced piece that we just finished learning for this thing.  Is it me, or is that piece a blast to dance??  I think it is and people seemed to really like it and made a lot of comments about the waltzing.  That music called for waltzing and since I am in my waltz phase, we waltzed!!  Only for 30 seconds of the piece though.  It is still bellydance!!  Wicked Gypsy went by so fast, I don’t really know how it went.  Creepy as it was in my head, I  hope!!

All in all, not a bad weekend.  So proud of the students and fellow dancers that made my work shine so nicely!!  I got so many compliments!!!

As for the numbers:  I easily knocked out 4 hours of practice on Saturday–starting at 3 AM and ending at 8 PM.  Sunday, I did a total of 0 hours.  LOL.  I slept all day, I was so tired after being up from 3 AM the night before.  And, of course, I don’t feel like a failure for that because of setting my goal up for a yearly number.  Great move on my part!!

Today I was supposed start a new session of classes but a blizzard got in the way.  I prepped for the new session of drilling class before realizing there was going to be a blizzard.  That took me 30 minutes.  After I found out we couldn’t have classes, I sat down and watched movies with my dogs.  So the .5 hours is all I get for today.  Blizzards make me so lazy!!!  I get 4.5 total for the last three days.  Still above average.  Score!!

57.5 done, 307.5 to go!!!

Almost out of the 300s.  🙂

The Count Down

Are You Ready

“Yes, I’m Ready.”

So tomorrow is the Gothic workshop and show.  My mind is spinning with choreography.  I am planning to go to sleep earlier so that I will have energy tomorrow.

I practiced everything I need to have ready for tomorrow–two choreographies for the workshop, my solo, Wicked Gypsy piece, Hareem Shar’eem piece for the show.  I even created a new combo in case I needed it.  I was going to create five new combos but I decided I don’t want to add new things to my brain.  I have a lot going on tomorrow.

So, I forgot to watch my times today.  I didn’t even think about logging the time once while practicing everything.  It had to be at least 2 hours.  It was probably more than that but I want to make sure I don’t count too many so I am giving myself two.

Also, I promise to be more witty once this weekend is over.  🙂

53 done, 312 to go!!!