The Count Down

It’s Cold and Lonely

“In the deep dark night.  I can see paradise.”

Actually I have seen paradise and you know what it does not include??  Snow, boots, coats, black ice warnings going across the bottom of the tv, dead car batteries at the airport, salt tracked into my house, statements that include the word “burrrrr.”

I could so easily live in the Caribbean.  I would not even own a pair of socks if I did and I would snorkel weekly in clear water that feels like a giant bath.  I discovered snorkeling on my trip and I must say I love it.  I saw marine life in colors I didn’t even know existed.  I followed a white fish that had lines of bright blue and hot pink framing it.  I followed it for ten minutes until it went under the boat and then I couldn’t find it again.  Much like temperatures over 30 degrees here!!

I did much swimming while I was gone–hours, I would say.  That and walking was the bulk of my exercise while I was gone.  I practiced too but not as much as I planned.  I didn’t have much room to do it in and I kept bumping into things.  But I powered through.

I got home on Monday morning and I have pretty much been responding to emails since then.  As I caught up, more emails would come in.  I would have felt guilty if I started blogging before answering everyone.  I am caught up now though and will be blogging every day just like before.  Also, I got hired to teach two more workshops since I have been back which has really helped inspire me to get back in the game right away and really work on my goals!!

So while I was on my vacation, I practiced for 2 hours total.  Paltry, I realize but I got some things accomplished.  All my work was for the upcoming Goth show.

Since my return, I taught two classes on Monday as well as practicing for the show-2 hours total.  Tuesday, I taught Nadeau’s class as well as practicing for the show–1 1/2 hours total.  Today I practiced by myself and then drove to Cleveland for a rehearsal with Hareem Shar’eem and scored another 2 hours.

Gathering it all, I have added 7.5 hours to my total since I last graced my blog with my witty words.  I see my average going back up now that I am back in the land of snow and I have some big shows and workshops coming up!!

35.5 done, 329.5 to go!!!


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