The Count Down

Hot Child in the City

“Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty.”

That song  has nothing to do with anything.  I was just randomly thinking of it.  I do run wild though.

I haven’t gotten back into the habit of blogging every day yet.  I forgot to blog yesterday but I did keep track of my practice time.  It has become a habit to look at the clock when I start and stop, answer the phone, take a break etc.  That is going to be a hard habit to break after the year is over.

It is crunch time for my gothic workshop.  The workshop and show are a week from tomorrow.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all since I just got back and it is upon me.  For the show I have four troupe routines:  Maevyn’s gothy burlesque piece, The Shuvani Jezebels’ Creepy goth piece, Wicked Gypsy will also be doing a creepy goth piece, and Hareem Shar’eem will be doing a Gothic Waltz  Fusion piece.  Of those four, I will be in two of them–Creepy Goth (done and learned, check!!)  Goth Waltz Fusion (Done, check!!  Learned–not yet!!)  I will also be doing a solo finale piece  That is what I am finishing up now.  I always plan for myself last.  A solo is easier to cram in because I don’t have to depend on anyone else to get it done so that is good.  I am still stressed though.  I always get stressed when something like this is coming up.  If was counting the hours of stressing out, I would be much closer to my goal!!!;)

Back to why we are here.  Yesterday, I practice for an hour, today I practiced for an hour.  When practicing over the next week, I will hit each of the routines that I am in for the show as well as the two I am teaching for the workshop.  I usually focus on one each day more than the others.  Today it was the haunted carnival piece I am going to teach for the workshop.  It would fall under the category of fun rather that somber goth.   I like it.  We’ll see who else does next Saturday.

37.5 done, 327.5 remaining


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