The Count Down

I Keep Forgetting

“Every time you’re near.”

I forgot to blog again yesterday.  I will work harder to remember “blog before sleep.”  Sometime I will do neither as all you that know I am an Insomniac will realize.

So yesterday I taught Drilling class and had a wonderful Choreography class with Maevyn.  They are looking so good with the belly-esque routine that they are doing this weekend.  They have turned a corner into synchronized awesomeness!!!  I also practiced my solo for a while logging in a total of 2 1/2 hours yesterday.

Today.  I practiced my solo and worked some new choreography into it.  I practiced so much I am almost to the point I can feel calm about it.  I get 1 1/2 hours today. 

Tomorrow and the rest of the week, I need to practice everything, every day–my solo, the Hareem Shar’eem piece, the Wicked Gypsy piece, and what I am teaching.  We are almost there!!!

45 done, 320 to go!!!


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