The Count Down

I’m Gonna Keep on, Keep on

“Keep on, keep on dancing all through the night.  I gonna keep on, keep on, keep on, doin’ it riiiiiight.”

FYI, I am not old enough to know that song first hand.

So, today was a long day of trying to figure out costumes and practicing.  I practiced my solo and a group piece.  And then I drove to Cleveland to practice with Hareem Shar’eem and we went over and over our piece.  Then I drove home and started practicing my solo again.  I practiced 3 1/2 hours today.  I was going to practice more and I just left my ipod where I was going hit the button again to practice my solo.  Then I realized I just can’t do it again.  I have to start fresh tomorrow.  I hit the practice wall.  It might be because the 3 1/2 hours was used to work on three choreographies.  I did those three over and over and over.

I feel like now that I am focusing everything on this workshop and show, I am not as good of a blogger.  I have no funny stories to tell because all I do is practice and stress about practicing.  Pre-show Jez is not as much fun.  I have to make a note of that.  If I hadn’t gone on that long cruise before this workshop, I might have been more prepared and less stressed.  But the snorkeling knows no show importance.  Neither does the rum punch!!!  Still, I am close to ready for this thing!!

My dogs were funny today.  And they are full of energy this close to midnight because I was away from them practicing for hours.  That is the best non-practice story I have right now.  😉

48.5 down, 316.5 remain


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