The Count Down

Are You Ready

“Yes, I’m Ready.”

So tomorrow is the Gothic workshop and show.  My mind is spinning with choreography.  I am planning to go to sleep earlier so that I will have energy tomorrow.

I practiced everything I need to have ready for tomorrow–two choreographies for the workshop, my solo, Wicked Gypsy piece, Hareem Shar’eem piece for the show.  I even created a new combo in case I needed it.  I was going to create five new combos but I decided I don’t want to add new things to my brain.  I have a lot going on tomorrow.

So, I forgot to watch my times today.  I didn’t even think about logging the time once while practicing everything.  It had to be at least 2 hours.  It was probably more than that but I want to make sure I don’t count too many so I am giving myself two.

Also, I promise to be more witty once this weekend is over.  🙂

53 done, 312 to go!!!


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