The Count Down

And There’s Really No Place To Go

“Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

As long as you love me so.  😉

So I have been lax in my updates mainly because the weekend took so much out of me.  Saturday was my Gothic Workshop and Show.  The practicing of my art started early on that day.  I work up at 3:48 AM and decided I needed to make up some combos for my workshop–which I did.  The thing I didn’t do was go back to sleep.  I tried but failed.  I was a little foggy the next day but I made it through, thank you God!!

There was also many times running routines before and after the workshop and before the show.  The show went well aside from some minor technical problems and some panick over lack of changing space.  There seemed to be enough room for everyone to get ready so it worked out OK.

I got tons of compliments on my choreographies.  Maevyn was so on!!  People cannot stop raving about their burlesque piece.  They looked great.  And one of my troupe members was in awe of how good The Shuvani Jezebels have gotten.  She said they are like a whole new troupe!!  They are!!  They have been working so hard.  They decided to step it up and they seem to know what it takes to get where they want to be.  I am excited to see them grow even more with their next piece of work!!  Hareem Shar’eem managed to dance an advanced piece that we just finished learning for this thing.  Is it me, or is that piece a blast to dance??  I think it is and people seemed to really like it and made a lot of comments about the waltzing.  That music called for waltzing and since I am in my waltz phase, we waltzed!!  Only for 30 seconds of the piece though.  It is still bellydance!!  Wicked Gypsy went by so fast, I don’t really know how it went.  Creepy as it was in my head, I  hope!!

All in all, not a bad weekend.  So proud of the students and fellow dancers that made my work shine so nicely!!  I got so many compliments!!!

As for the numbers:  I easily knocked out 4 hours of practice on Saturday–starting at 3 AM and ending at 8 PM.  Sunday, I did a total of 0 hours.  LOL.  I slept all day, I was so tired after being up from 3 AM the night before.  And, of course, I don’t feel like a failure for that because of setting my goal up for a yearly number.  Great move on my part!!

Today I was supposed start a new session of classes but a blizzard got in the way.  I prepped for the new session of drilling class before realizing there was going to be a blizzard.  That took me 30 minutes.  After I found out we couldn’t have classes, I sat down and watched movies with my dogs.  So the .5 hours is all I get for today.  Blizzards make me so lazy!!!  I get 4.5 total for the last three days.  Still above average.  Score!!

57.5 done, 307.5 to go!!!

Almost out of the 300s.  🙂


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