The Count Down

If you Want to Call Me Baby

“Just go ahead now.”

I add the songs at the beginning of my blogs because I read a book once that started every chapter with a different movie quote.  Sometimes I recalled the quote from a certain movie.  Sometimes I just knew I heard it somewhere before but could not place it.  And then of course, sometimes it was Chinese to me.  It was entertaining every time though.  That is what I am going for here.  Most of the time, the song I pick has something to do with the subject of my blog.  Once in a while it is a secret message to the universe–like tonight.  Go ahead now!!  😉

I started choreographing a song for The Shuvani Jezebels today.  It is a complicated song and I worked hard on it.  Then we didn’t learn it at practice.  We did improv instead.  I logged in 1 1/2 hours of practice though.  Always a good thing.

Tomorrow I am starting a big workout plan and eating healthy for all meals.  Once the big events are over I tend to go all sugar happy which I have been doing all week.  It is time for the detox.  Some people have cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.  I have chocolate!!  It ends now.  I will have to report my progress so if I fail, I must hang my head in shame using blog verse.  You all help me keep on track.  I don’t know who you all is because I think I lost all my readers when I went on the cruise but I pretend you are all still out there when I write my blogs.  😉

60 done, 305 to go!!!


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