The Count Down

She Belongs to the City

“Concrete under her feet.”

I grew up in a small town.  Seriously, nothing there!!  Many people who I graduated with still live there and don’t have a whole lot going on.  Small towns have their pros and cons.  I liked growing up there but if I still lived there, I would not be Jezebel.  I have four troupes that dance all over the place right now.  Some days, my little studio has a revolving door of dancers coming and going for rehearsals.  If I were in a small town teaching, I would have one little troupe that performed at the town Fourth of July festival every year and then began planning for next year’s festival on July 5th.  That is not enough for me.

So, there is the Improv class tonight.  I never get any practice in that class because it is one that is necessary for me to watch and give people orders.  Most of the class likes it and responds well.  They need to get they’re improv into its excellence.  The Shuvani Jezebels want to be great.  They decided after a gig in September that they wanted to step up their game and they are well on their way!!  I am going to make sure they get there.  Building improv skills is a huge step toward that.  We need to keep working at it at least through the spring.  That is when the festival gigs start.  Can’t wait for the snow to be gone and the barefoot dancing to begin!!

Onto the numbers:  Last night I practiced with Hareem Shar’eem for an hour.  Didn’t do much before or after.  I am starting to get my energy back for rehearsing now.  🙂

58.5 done, 306.5 to go!!!


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