The Count Down

I Met Marmelaide Down in Old Moulin Rouge

“Strutting her stuff on the street.”

I wanted to type in the gibberish of that song but I didn’t want to think about how to spell it.  I just woke up.  My computer wasn’t behaving last night so I went to bed without an update.

Yesterday we had a gig at a Dance and Game Revel.  How fun is that??  We brought the gypsy atmosphere–played gypsy music and danced while the games were going on.  If we ever do a gig like this one again, I want to add gypsy fortune telling.  That would have really added to the atmosphere.  During their feast we performed.  They were so nice to us.  We love them.

I got an hour in for both Friday and Saturday.  All practicing was for this gig.

62 done, 202 remain

More later because I haven’t even started today yet.  And tonight is the Oscars!!!  I love the Oscars.  They are so glamorous.  I always design a dress in my head that I would wear on the red carpet.  It is almost always red.  No, I am not 14.  Why do you ask??  😉


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