The Count Down

Jezebel Wasn’t Born

“With a silver spoon in her mouth.”

So last night I got so wrapped up in watching the Oscars that I forgot to blog.  I love the Oscars because of the red carpet and nominees all being good sports and supporting each other etc.  The gowns too!!  I always like the red ones.    There were some nice ones that were not red too.  I can be open to other colors.  🙂

In my mind, there is an Oscar for me someday.  There is a red carpet for me to walk; there is a red gown for me to wear.  Someday down the road when I am discovered.

Not if I don’t practice though, right??  I did my practicing while I was watching the Oscars.  I didn’t want to practice or create routines, I wanted to drill.  So I drilled some movements and watched the awards.  That works for drilling.  I will probably do that again.

I actually tried to do Serpentine–the Rachel Brice dvd earlier in the day.  I have the most horribly painful muscle pulled in my chest from coughing.  I stopped the dvd because of the pain.  I was hoping for pain pills today but the doctor can’t fit me in until Wednesday.  Oh well!!  The practice and classed must go on.

62.5 done, 302.5 to go!!!


One thought on “Jezebel Wasn’t Born

  1. Phaedra says:

    My husband says that the Oscars are my super bowl. I shout at the TV and everything. I didn’t get to watch them this year but I did see all the pretty and not so pretty gowns. I hope you feel better soon!

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