The Count Down

Back Once Again

“With the ill behavior, with the ill behavior.”

Yesterday, I  watched a movie called Love and Other Drugs.  Really good movie that will make you love Love, and make you hate the drug companies.  The reason I am blogging about it is that the two stars of the movie were naked for about half of it and they have fantastic bodies!!  It will be added to my list of inspiration to get in shape.  They had muscle everywhere!!  More muscle-building for me!!

Today I choreographed tiny solos for most of The Shuvani Jezebels for their latest routine.  That plus a little work on improv gave me another hour of practice today–the last day of the month.  To average an hour a day for all three months of the year that have gone by, I would need exactly 90 hours of practice.  As it stands:

93 down, 272 to go!!!

It looks like my plan is working.  🙂

The Count Down

And What I Wouldn’t Give

“To meet a Kindred, someone else to catch this drift.”

Because of all of the problems I was having with my last “doctor,” I went to a new one today.  It was a doctor recommended to me by a fellow dancer.  Shout out to Julie–leader of The Sacred Jewels!!  You are a great person who led me to a great doctor!!  He and I have the same goal–no medication for me!!!  He seems to think that I could be off the BP meds in a few months.  I am going to go with that!!  I hate being on them.   For now, however, they are keeping my BP down.  My BP today was lower than it has been in years.  I guess I shouldn’t have ignored it for so long.  Live and learn.  The doctor agrees that if I follow the BP diet, I should be fine without medication.  We’ll see.  One more goal for me!!

I prepped for my Burlesque class today but I ended up not teaching it for reasons I won’t list because they are not exciting enough for the blog.  (Unlike my fascinating BP woes.)  So I get 30 minutes for the prep.  I am choreographing a dance to Cabaret Opening from The Triplets of Belleville.  If you haven’t seen the Triplets of Bellville, I highly recommend it.  There is no dialog.  There is music and the soundtrack is great.  It is the absolute best movie to play if you are having a party and you want something running in the background.  You can talk right through it and it doesn’t matter because you aren’t missing any dialog.  And I love the dog in it!!

92 down, 273 to go!!!

The Count Down

Open Your Heart to Me

“Makes me want to hang my head down and cry.”

I have read so many books about nutrition, diet, and exercise.  I think the one Gina is referring to is The Blood Pressure Miracle.  I read that while I was on my trip to Mississippi.  I almost didn’t write about it because it seems like a book that an old person should be reading.  High blood pressure runs in my family though.  My twin brother has been on BP medicine since he was in his early twenties.  I have been advised by doctors to get on BP meds for more than a few years.  I choose to ignore them until about a month ago when it got so high that it scared me.  Now I curse my genetic heart as I take a BP pill each morning.

So according to the book, I don’t have to take the medicine at all if I eat what they say.  What they say is to eat whole foods.  Salting things is not the big problem.  The problem is processed foods.  Foods in restaurants are full of all kinds of crap that make you gain weight and raise your blood pressure.  So are any foods that are packaged at the grocery store.  And here is a fact that I found very interesting–if you lose 20% of your body weight–no matter what you weigh, your blood pressure will go down a certain amount.  I can’t remember the exact amount but I do remember doing the math and that I would no longer have to take any pills if it did drop that much.  I will try that and keep you posted.

Before I move on, I will give you a sad list of things that I should never eat:  cheese, crackers, soup (which I love), pizza, sweets and Mexican food (which I love.)  They say to cut alcohol too but I haven’t chosen to believe that one yet. 😉

On the upside, I should be looking good real soon!!  Now is as good a time as any to start this plan so I will tell you all that I am starting right——NOW!!  When morning comes, I will be having oatmeal.  Yum!!  No, you can’t have any!!

And by the way, I prepped for and taught two classes.  Logged two hours.

91.5 down, 273.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

You Are Never Going to Survive

“Unless you get a little crazy.”

So I went down to the studio to teach my 6 PM class with no energy to teach.  We gotta do what we gotta do, however, so I taught it.  By the end, I had tons of energy!!  Dance is magic.  I don’t know what I would do if I had not found dance.

That is pretty much all I did today.  I prepped for my class and then taught it.  Other than that, I slept.  Not very interesting for the blog but a person needs some rest sometime.  🙂

I got myself an hour of practice.  Not bad for a day when I was so very tired!!  Speaking of tired, it seems I was so tired earlier that my math was a little off.  I short-changed myself by half an hour.  I added it in here:

89.5 down, 275.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

Throw Your Soul Through

“Every open door.  Count your blessings to find what you look for.”

I want it all. 

I just woke up.  I didn’t sleep well last night in Erie so I came home and fell asleep.  It was one of those things where I slept for so long that I am going to feel groggy all day.  Sucks for me because tonight is my first High Energy Combo class.  Just do it!!  There are many days I have taught class without the energy to do so.  It’s part of the job!!

So, I taught a workshop yesterday.  That went very well.  Everyone liked it.  There was a show after that which also went well.  Hareem Shar’eem was the headliner.  We did two pieces which we do not normally do.  We love t0 keep it short but I wanted us to do two styles so we did a dark gothy piece and an upbeat show ender.  It worked out well.

Once the show was over and all the nervousness was gone, I was able to cut loose with all the  dancers from The Shuvani Jezebels.  They were also in the show.  They closed the first half after nearly giving me a heart attack by showing up in the nick of time!!!  All good though.

With the class and the cram practice at the show, I got another hour and a half of practice done.

88 down, 277 to go!!!

The Count Down

Good Morning

“Good morning to yoooooooou.”

I am pretending to be awake and bright-eyed.  How am I doing??  Anyone??  😦

So, I just blogged last night before going to sleep.   Since then I woke up early, packed some things, practiced my routines for half an hour, and Gina dropped off some cds for me to burn for the show.  By bringing the cds over, Gina, you allowed me the extra time to write this blog before I left for Erie, PA.  I’m sure I can speak for all my faithful readers when I say thank you!!  😉

I won’t be able to blog later so I will throw all practice I do in Erie on tomorrow’s blog.  Road trip!!!

87 down, 278 to go!!!!!

The Count Down

Where Would I Be If I Didn’t Know You

“What would I be if I didn’t know you.”

That’s a song by Kindred.  I was going for the name more than the song but the song has some good hidden meaning as well.  I am a complicated bellydancer with a simple practice goal!!

Anyway, today was a little stressful.  The day before a big event always is.  What is the big event you ask??  I am teaching a workshop and my troupe Hareem Shar’eem is headlining a show tomorrow night in Erie, PA.  It’s called the Dead of Winter Hafla and the information about it is at  Click on workshops.

Plug over.  I practiced for two hours today.  I practiced the two routines we are performing in the show.  I also practiced the workshop routine I am teaching.  I accomplished as much as I wanted to so now I will go to sleep and start fresh new practice etc. tomorrow.

The life of a bellydancer.  It is not bad at all.  🙂

86.5 down, 278.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’m Going Off The Rails on A Crazy Train

“Crazy, but that’s how it goes.  Millions of people living as foes.”

Ain’t that the truth!!!

Lots of work done today!!  Lots of emotions running high–for me anyway.  The combination of the two has left me sooo tired!!  I already used the lyrics of So Tired in an earlier blog so I moved on to another Ozzy song.  It covers the same ground ’cause I am tired from being so crazy.  😉  From being so Jez!!

So I finished choreographing The Shuvani Jezebels’ piece today.  That piece would definitely fall under the crazy category.  Once I saw it put together though, I realized it is a really good piece that is going to look so nice on stage.  It will be worth the effort it is going to take.

I am going to bed as soon as I tell you that I logged in 1 1/2 hours of practice today.  Getting closer to 100–my next big celebration!!

84.5 down, 280.5 to go!!!!

The Count Down

Here We Are Now

“Entertain us!!”

I had practice tonight with Hareem Shar’eem.  Big show in Erie, PA this weekend.  We are performing two pieces.  Our two hours of practice went very well tonight.  I am much calmer about the weekend now.  Road trip!!!  is my new attitude.

I also practiced for 30 minutes on my own.  I need to practice more tomorrow to feel really confident about it but I am almost there.  I also have a gothic bellydance workshop to teach before the show but I am ready for that.

I didn’t do much else but practice today so I have nothing else to blog about.  I will say that I led the blog with a Nirvana song because I am oddly reconnecting with their music all of a sudden.  Why now??  20 years later??  I have no idea!!  Why do I do half the things I do?!?!

83 down, 282 to go!!!

I can’t wait until I hit 100!!!!

The Count Down

Gotta Give Me Your Best

“Show me how you burlesque.”

All my practice hours were in burlesque yesterday.  Most Tuesdays will be like that for a little while.  I don’t have another night with burlesque so I get up on Tuesday and that is where my mind is.

I think burlesque adds so much to bellydance.  I have routines that have a slight burlesque edge to them but I am not sure it is always noticeable.  I did have a burlesque dancer approach me and tell me that the burlesque influence was obvious in my routines.  I figured it would be to someone who has also studied it.  I don’t think it is to someone who has not though.  Just my opinion.

While I am on opinions, I have to say that I do think studying even a little burlesque will make any bellydancer improve.  It helps with attitude, stage presence and drama even if you aren’t doing a single burlesque movement.  Again, just my opinion.  😉

I prepped for my burlesque class and then scrapped what I was doing and taught something I already knew.  I do that sometimes.  I am going to try to stay on the same road from now on.  It ends up being less work.  I logged 1 1/2 hours.

80.5 down, 284.5 to go!!!!