The Count Down

Where Would I Be If I Didn’t Know You

“What would I be if I didn’t know you.”

That’s a song by Kindred.  I was going for the name more than the song but the song has some good hidden meaning as well.  I am a complicated bellydancer with a simple practice goal!!

Anyway, today was a little stressful.  The day before a big event always is.  What is the big event you ask??  I am teaching a workshop and my troupe Hareem Shar’eem is headlining a show tomorrow night in Erie, PA.  It’s called the Dead of Winter Hafla and the information about it is at  Click on workshops.

Plug over.  I practiced for two hours today.  I practiced the two routines we are performing in the show.  I also practiced the workshop routine I am teaching.  I accomplished as much as I wanted to so now I will go to sleep and start fresh new practice etc. tomorrow.

The life of a bellydancer.  It is not bad at all.  🙂

86.5 down, 278.5 to go!!!


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