The Count Down

You Are Never Going to Survive

“Unless you get a little crazy.”

So I went down to the studio to teach my 6 PM class with no energy to teach.  We gotta do what we gotta do, however, so I taught it.  By the end, I had tons of energy!!  Dance is magic.  I don’t know what I would do if I had not found dance.

That is pretty much all I did today.  I prepped for my class and then taught it.  Other than that, I slept.  Not very interesting for the blog but a person needs some rest sometime.  🙂

I got myself an hour of practice.  Not bad for a day when I was so very tired!!  Speaking of tired, it seems I was so tired earlier that my math was a little off.  I short-changed myself by half an hour.  I added it in here:

89.5 down, 275.5 to go!!!!


One thought on “You Are Never Going to Survive

  1. Phaedra says:

    Hey, you mentioned a book that you were reading the other day. Can you maybe do a blog post about what books you are reading or what have been your favorite or most effective books? Thanks!

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