The Count Down

Open Your Heart to Me

“Makes me want to hang my head down and cry.”

I have read so many books about nutrition, diet, and exercise.  I think the one Gina is referring to is The Blood Pressure Miracle.  I read that while I was on my trip to Mississippi.  I almost didn’t write about it because it seems like a book that an old person should be reading.  High blood pressure runs in my family though.  My twin brother has been on BP medicine since he was in his early twenties.  I have been advised by doctors to get on BP meds for more than a few years.  I choose to ignore them until about a month ago when it got so high that it scared me.  Now I curse my genetic heart as I take a BP pill each morning.

So according to the book, I don’t have to take the medicine at all if I eat what they say.  What they say is to eat whole foods.  Salting things is not the big problem.  The problem is processed foods.  Foods in restaurants are full of all kinds of crap that make you gain weight and raise your blood pressure.  So are any foods that are packaged at the grocery store.  And here is a fact that I found very interesting–if you lose 20% of your body weight–no matter what you weigh, your blood pressure will go down a certain amount.  I can’t remember the exact amount but I do remember doing the math and that I would no longer have to take any pills if it did drop that much.  I will try that and keep you posted.

Before I move on, I will give you a sad list of things that I should never eat:  cheese, crackers, soup (which I love), pizza, sweets and Mexican food (which I love.)  They say to cut alcohol too but I haven’t chosen to believe that one yet. 😉

On the upside, I should be looking good real soon!!  Now is as good a time as any to start this plan so I will tell you all that I am starting right——NOW!!  When morning comes, I will be having oatmeal.  Yum!!  No, you can’t have any!!

And by the way, I prepped for and taught two classes.  Logged two hours.

91.5 down, 273.5 to go!!!!


One thought on “Open Your Heart to Me

  1. Phaedra says:

    I’ve not had my blood pressure checked recently but it does sound like an interesting read. Maybe I will pick it up after I’m done reading the 3 Day Cleanse book. I will tell you how that one is. I also have Appetite for Reduction on request from the library. That is a vegan diet book.

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