The Count Down

And What I Wouldn’t Give

“To meet a Kindred, someone else to catch this drift.”

Because of all of the problems I was having with my last “doctor,” I went to a new one today.  It was a doctor recommended to me by a fellow dancer.  Shout out to Julie–leader of The Sacred Jewels!!  You are a great person who led me to a great doctor!!  He and I have the same goal–no medication for me!!!  He seems to think that I could be off the BP meds in a few months.  I am going to go with that!!  I hate being on them.   For now, however, they are keeping my BP down.  My BP today was lower than it has been in years.  I guess I shouldn’t have ignored it for so long.  Live and learn.  The doctor agrees that if I follow the BP diet, I should be fine without medication.  We’ll see.  One more goal for me!!

I prepped for my Burlesque class today but I ended up not teaching it for reasons I won’t list because they are not exciting enough for the blog.  (Unlike my fascinating BP woes.)  So I get 30 minutes for the prep.  I am choreographing a dance to Cabaret Opening from The Triplets of Belleville.  If you haven’t seen the Triplets of Bellville, I highly recommend it.  There is no dialog.  There is music and the soundtrack is great.  It is the absolute best movie to play if you are having a party and you want something running in the background.  You can talk right through it and it doesn’t matter because you aren’t missing any dialog.  And I love the dog in it!!

92 down, 273 to go!!!


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