The Count Down

Back Once Again

“With the ill behavior, with the ill behavior.”

Yesterday, I  watched a movie called Love and Other Drugs.  Really good movie that will make you love Love, and make you hate the drug companies.  The reason I am blogging about it is that the two stars of the movie were naked for about half of it and they have fantastic bodies!!  It will be added to my list of inspiration to get in shape.  They had muscle everywhere!!  More muscle-building for me!!

Today I choreographed tiny solos for most of The Shuvani Jezebels for their latest routine.  That plus a little work on improv gave me another hour of practice today–the last day of the month.  To average an hour a day for all three months of the year that have gone by, I would need exactly 90 hours of practice.  As it stands:

93 down, 272 to go!!!

It looks like my plan is working.  🙂


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