The Count Down

More Than Words to Show You Feel

“That your love for me is real.  What would you do if my heart was torn in two??”

I am extreme!!  Or I am going to scream.  One of the two.

I am going to Indiana tomorrow.  I am ready to teach my workshop.  I am ready for the performance!!  Let’s do it!!  This is what I love about being a dancer but I get so nervous.  I am trying to do better with the nerves.  We’ll see how it goes!!!

You know what doesn’t help  my nerves??  My ipod touch is draining its battery over and over!!  Why is it doing that??  Doesn’t it know how dependent I am on it???  A dance teacher without an ipod full of every song ever danced to and choreographed and used for drills is like a room without a book, a heart without a soul, a day without sunshine, a dog without a bone, a blog without a bunch of clichés!!

111 down, 254 to go!!!!

The Count Down

If You Don’t Like What You See Here

“Nobody wants to take you prisoner.  Get the funk out.”

I heard that song on the radio yesterday.  I had forgotten about that song but I used to love it!!  And the lyrics are true now more than ever!!

So, yesterday was the first Hareem Shar’eem practice since Qaina so of course we buckled down and talked about things that happened at Qaina for almost the entire practice!!  We did practice for an upcoming gig for 30 minutes though.  That’s something.  😉  Other than that, I worked out but nothing logable.  I wonder if I made that word up??  (The answer is yes.  I just spell checked my entry.  I guess I will add that word to my special Jez Lingo ditionary!!  That dictionary is getting large!!)

Tomorrow is my next road trip!!  This one is at Perdue University in Indiana!!  I am teaching a Gypsy workshop at the University on Saturday and then dancing in the show on Saturday night!!  I am excited!!  I must practice for it now!! 

110.5 down, 254.5 to go!!!

And for the record–still annoyed!!  But less so.

The Count Down

Lies, Lies, Lies


So as not to bore you all with simply blogging about bellydance practice, I will cryptically tell you about a portion of my day.  I had a colleague and person I considered a friend stab me in the back today all in the name of manipulating someone to do something that they do not want to do.  Maybe the term “threw me under the bus” is a better way to put it.  Basically, spoke for me, twisted something I said to manipulate someone else.  All business related.  It comes with the territory I realize.  Each performer has stories like mine.  Still, I am a person that gets annoyed!!  I am in that annoyed state.  Sorry for the cryptic.  I know it is much more interesting to name names.  I am trying to remain professional as well as not make it worse.  Does mentioning it in a cryptic way make me professional or does saying anything at all automatically throw professionalism out the window??  I would love your comments on this one.  Where is the line??

To tie this all into my goal–I did not use my annoyed state as an excuse not to practice!!  I prepared for and taught my Burlesque class after this happened and logged in an hour and a half!!  Works for me.  🙂  I will be much less annoyed tomorrow, I’m sure.  Until then!!

110 down, 255 to go!!!

The Count Down

You Tell Me That You Need Me

“Then you go and cut me down, but wait.  You tell me that you’re sorry.”

Oh faithful blog!!  How I have neglected you so!!  But it is not only you.  I have not collected my hours faithfully either.  I got frantic with last-minute Qaina details and then I immediately went on a short vacation and chilled.  It was pretty much a vacation from dance because from Wednesday to Sunday I did not practice at all.  I became the excuses I hate (which are most excuses.)  I took my ipod and I had some work in my mind that needed doing but I didn’t do any work at all when I was on my little break.  I suppose I can be OK with that as long as I reach my goal–which I will.  And I will try harder not to ignore my blog for long in the future.  I have missed you faithful blog and loyal blog readers.

Yesterday I practiced with Celeste for 30 minutes.  We have a gig in Indiana this weekend.  (This really is my gypsy year!!!)  I also taught and prepped for the drilling class for one hour.

I am teaching in Indiana this weekend also and I have to prep for that this week since I didn’t do it while I was on my mini-break.  I should be able to catch up on some hours.

108.5 down, 256.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

You Give Me Fever

“What a lovely way to burn.”

So I didn’t even think about blogging in the last week.  I was completely overwhelmed with things that needed to be done for Qaina.  Qaina was wonderful and now it is over.  I am relieved that I don’t have to think about it for a little while.  I will tell you that next year’s Qaina is going to have a circus theme.  I want to change it a little for fun.  People are emailing me their information for it but I am not even thinking about it until fall.  I can’t spend the entire year planning this event!!  Break time starts now!!

So last week, I am only going to give myself credit for time that I know I practiced.  I didn’t keep track because I was so busy so I lose out on any hours I may have forgotten.  I must keep on top of it if I want credit for it.  I practiced with Hareem Shar’eem for the show and a very little bit with The Shuvani Jezebels.  That was mostly me bossing them around.  I also did some practice by myself for my Qaina workshop and the show.  I am going to give myself one hour from the last time I blogged and take it from here.

107 down, 258 to go!!!

The Count Down

Head to Toe

“I know.”

So, I am overwhelmed with stuff I have to do for Qaina and some things have happened to prevent me from having time or eagerness to blog.  I will be back to my old self in a few days, I think.  Until then, let me cut to he chase:  one hour yesterday and two hours today.

106 down, 259 to go!!!

The Count Down

Life Has a Funny Way

“Of helping you out.  Helping you out.”

So I woke up inspired today.  I did two workouts, ate all healthy food and practiced dance.  Why was today the day that I woke up full of energy and focus??  I have no clue but I feel good!!

Regarding diet:  I had a discussion about eggs with a couple of my students.  I got something from the doctor that said eggs are bad for you.  My student said that eggs are in fact good for you.  I think she is right.  It is a natural food, not processed or fried (at least I never eat fried eggs.  I boil them so they are healthy.)  I am not sure what to believe about eggs.   I welcome facts and opinions on this odd subject.

So for practice–I practice two Hareem Shar’eem routines and then I practiced the Cocaine Combos for 20 minutes.  I also did Suhaila drills and I practiced a third routine with The Shuvani Jezebels.  Hopefully, I will wake up with as much energy tomorrow!!

103 down, 262 to go!!!

The Count Down

It’s Killin’ Me, It’s Killin’ Me

“You know that its torture.”

It’s so hard to focus on what I am supposed to be focusing on.  This has been such a weird year which is hard to explain on a blog without sounding like a whiny, needy person.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I try really hard to cover up anything that makes me resemble that person.  So I will just say that I am in one of those places where my personal life is taking over my thoughts and belly dance is more difficult to concentrate on.

When I am in that position, I basically just do it anyway.  Qaina is in 10 days and I do not have the luxury of saying I don’t feel like working on a performance piece.  Tonight was Hareem Shar’eem practice and I soooo did not want to spend the time to nit-pick the details of our piece.  I nit-picked that piece to death for two hours though.  Although I was not feeling it, forcing myself to focus on it made me not think about my personal problems for two hours.  It was a break my mind needed which I did not realize until I was all done with practice.  I felt like my head had a rest that it needed because I can wallow like nobody I know!!  So my advice to all–if you don’t want to practice or you don’t feel like it for whatever reason, DO IT ANYWAY!!!  That is want ALL the great belly dancers do.  (Not meaning myself–the famous ones!!)

102 down, 263 to go!!!

The Count Down

You’ve Got the Moves Baby

“I’ve got the motion.  We get together we’ll be causing a commotion.”

So I decided to start each day by flipping through my tagged pictures on fb.  When I do that, I am so inspired to get moving on my fitness plan!!  Two things inspire me–the pictures that I don’t like because I don’t look like I want to look.  And the pictures that I love because I look better than I do right now.  This is the life of a yo-yo person like myself.  Flipping through them really is a teeter-totter ride for the soul!!  My favorite Jez body is the summer of 2009.  I was rockin’ it!!  I will replace that with the summer of 2011.  Summer 2011 is going to kick Summer 2009’s ass!!!

So today I prepped for and taught my Burlesque class which was the usual fun time.  I logged in exactly one hour of practice today and turned that milestone that I have been waiting for:

100 down, 265 to go!!!!

Shouldn’t someone being throwing me some kind of party or something??  😉

The Count Down

I Couldn’t Sleep at All Last Night

“Tossin’ and turnin’, turnin’ and tossin’, tossin’ and turnin’ all night!!”

I had nightmares about Qaina (the upcoming belly dance event I run) all night!!  I woke up so many times.  All  the nightmares were different dancers being mad at me for things I did and said.  I must be paranoid or something!!  One thing is clear–nobody should be mad at me.  I want us all to dance and be happy!!

Because I didn’t get any sleep, I have had that dizzy cocaine-ish feeling all day.  I actually choreographed two cocaine combos with the cocaine-ish feeling.  Two good ones!!  Very popular in class tonight.  Only three left and we will have twenty combos to use in our improv dance for the festival season.  So much fun!!

I taught two classes and prepped for them.  I logged two hours like I normally do on Mondays.  🙂

99 down, 266 to go!!!

Tomorrow I should be crossing into triple digits!!

I must go to sleep now.  I want to lose that cocaine felling before I hit 100.