The Count Down

Life Has a Funny Way

“Of helping you out.  Helping you out.”

So I woke up inspired today.  I did two workouts, ate all healthy food and practiced dance.  Why was today the day that I woke up full of energy and focus??  I have no clue but I feel good!!

Regarding diet:  I had a discussion about eggs with a couple of my students.  I got something from the doctor that said eggs are bad for you.  My student said that eggs are in fact good for you.  I think she is right.  It is a natural food, not processed or fried (at least I never eat fried eggs.  I boil them so they are healthy.)  I am not sure what to believe about eggs.   I welcome facts and opinions on this odd subject.

So for practice–I practice two Hareem Shar’eem routines and then I practiced the Cocaine Combos for 20 minutes.  I also did Suhaila drills and I practiced a third routine with The Shuvani Jezebels.  Hopefully, I will wake up with as much energy tomorrow!!

103 down, 262 to go!!!


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