The Count Down

You Tell Me That You Need Me

“Then you go and cut me down, but wait.  You tell me that you’re sorry.”

Oh faithful blog!!  How I have neglected you so!!  But it is not only you.  I have not collected my hours faithfully either.  I got frantic with last-minute Qaina details and then I immediately went on a short vacation and chilled.  It was pretty much a vacation from dance because from Wednesday to Sunday I did not practice at all.  I became the excuses I hate (which are most excuses.)  I took my ipod and I had some work in my mind that needed doing but I didn’t do any work at all when I was on my little break.  I suppose I can be OK with that as long as I reach my goal–which I will.  And I will try harder not to ignore my blog for long in the future.  I have missed you faithful blog and loyal blog readers.

Yesterday I practiced with Celeste for 30 minutes.  We have a gig in Indiana this weekend.  (This really is my gypsy year!!!)  I also taught and prepped for the drilling class for one hour.

I am teaching in Indiana this weekend also and I have to prep for that this week since I didn’t do it while I was on my mini-break.  I should be able to catch up on some hours.

108.5 down, 256.5 to go!!!


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