The Count Down

Lies, Lies, Lies


So as not to bore you all with simply blogging about bellydance practice, I will cryptically tell you about a portion of my day.  I had a colleague and person I considered a friend stab me in the back today all in the name of manipulating someone to do something that they do not want to do.  Maybe the term “threw me under the bus” is a better way to put it.  Basically, spoke for me, twisted something I said to manipulate someone else.  All business related.  It comes with the territory I realize.  Each performer has stories like mine.  Still, I am a person that gets annoyed!!  I am in that annoyed state.  Sorry for the cryptic.  I know it is much more interesting to name names.  I am trying to remain professional as well as not make it worse.  Does mentioning it in a cryptic way make me professional or does saying anything at all automatically throw professionalism out the window??  I would love your comments on this one.  Where is the line??

To tie this all into my goal–I did not use my annoyed state as an excuse not to practice!!  I prepared for and taught my Burlesque class after this happened and logged in an hour and a half!!  Works for me.  🙂  I will be much less annoyed tomorrow, I’m sure.  Until then!!

110 down, 255 to go!!!


3 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies

  1. Natara says:

    I think being cryptic about your situation was still professional, sometimes you just have to vent in order to better deal with the situation

  2. Natara says:

    LOL! No it wasn’t and I feel the same about those kind of posts also even though I am guilty of posting them once in awhile. 😉

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