The Count Down

If You Don’t Like What You See Here

“Nobody wants to take you prisoner.  Get the funk out.”

I heard that song on the radio yesterday.  I had forgotten about that song but I used to love it!!  And the lyrics are true now more than ever!!

So, yesterday was the first Hareem Shar’eem practice since Qaina so of course we buckled down and talked about things that happened at Qaina for almost the entire practice!!  We did practice for an upcoming gig for 30 minutes though.  That’s something.  😉  Other than that, I worked out but nothing logable.  I wonder if I made that word up??  (The answer is yes.  I just spell checked my entry.  I guess I will add that word to my special Jez Lingo ditionary!!  That dictionary is getting large!!)

Tomorrow is my next road trip!!  This one is at Perdue University in Indiana!!  I am teaching a Gypsy workshop at the University on Saturday and then dancing in the show on Saturday night!!  I am excited!!  I must practice for it now!! 

110.5 down, 254.5 to go!!!

And for the record–still annoyed!!  But less so.


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