The Count Down

More Than Words to Show You Feel

“That your love for me is real.  What would you do if my heart was torn in two??”

I am extreme!!  Or I am going to scream.  One of the two.

I am going to Indiana tomorrow.  I am ready to teach my workshop.  I am ready for the performance!!  Let’s do it!!  This is what I love about being a dancer but I get so nervous.  I am trying to do better with the nerves.  We’ll see how it goes!!!

You know what doesn’t help  my nerves??  My ipod touch is draining its battery over and over!!  Why is it doing that??  Doesn’t it know how dependent I am on it???  A dance teacher without an ipod full of every song ever danced to and choreographed and used for drills is like a room without a book, a heart without a soul, a day without sunshine, a dog without a bone, a blog without a bunch of clichés!!

111 down, 254 to go!!!!


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