The Count Down

I’m on the Line One Open Mind

“This is my four-leaf clover.”

Today was a good one.  I couldn’t sleep at 6 AM so I got out of bed and went down to the studio and did my Cocaine Combo drills.  For me, that is something!!  After that I prepped for my classes.  I made up new combos and drilled the pirate dance.  Much later, I taught my two classes.  So far I have three hours but I am planning to do a Suhaila class before the night ends.  If I do, I will put it on tomorrow’s total.

Shout outs, there are many:  GINA gets a big one for showing up for TWO classes on this fine holiday when it is 80 degrees out.  Dedication has many rewards!!  AMANDA gets a shout out for showing up for ONE and a QUARTER, and ALEXIS and HOLLY get a shout out for coming to ONE.  Oh yeah!!  Be obsessed with your art and you will go far!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

150.5 down, 214.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

The Grove I Do Deeply Dig

“I couldn’t ask for another.”

Gina’s almond milk response post has turned me.  I want to see if I can do it.  All plant-based foods.  At the very least, I think if I lasted two weeks on a plant-based plan, I think I would get the doctor to take me off my lazy pills.  I still have some eggs left and good amount of expensive greek yogurt.  I can get rid of the eggs entirely and not miss them too much and I will see if I can replace the greek with almond when that is done and off we go!!

I taught the cocaine combos class tonight and then a friend came in from out-of-town.  No Suhaila today.  Tomorrow is Drilling and Choreography but I am hoping to squeeze part of a Suhaila class in too!!

147.5 down, 217.5 to go!!!


The Count Down

More Than a Name or Face in the Crowd

“This is the time of my life!!”

It has been a busy two days.  I went to the Rachel Brice workshop on Friday.  Not only did I learn so much at this workshop, Rachel Brice is a wonderful person.  I had a chance to speak to her when the workshop was over and she spoke to me like I was her peer!!  We were talking about music because during the workshop I realized that her and I use the same shimmy song when we teach.  So she played more song suggestions for me to use in class.  Of course, I came home and downloaded them because my new friend Rach suggested them for me.  😉  A great experience.

I also just got back from seeing a movie with two of my faithful blog readers.  Shout out to Gina and Alexis!!  The movie was Forks Over Knives.  It supports what most of us really know deep down–plant-based diets are the best for you.  They showed people who went from ten pills a day to zero just by cutting out animal products.  High blood pressure was one of the things cured by this.  I should be doing the same thing.  I eat little animal-based foods now.  I thought of a way to cut down to almost none.  We’ll see how that goes.  I have sixteen days until I see the doctor to try to get off my lazy pills.  I am afraid he is going to tell me no.  The people in the movie had drastic changes in bp.  Hopefully, I will too.

I have more dance to do today.  I have three hours so far this weekend.

146.5 down, 218.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

You Might Think I’m Crazy

“But somewhere sometimes when you’re curious, I’ll be back around.”

So I forgot to blog yesterday but I did not forget to practice.  I got an hour practicing with one of my groups and a few solo things.  Right now, I am headed out the door to study in Rachel Brice’s master class!!!  I am very excited.  🙂

The next blog should be a little more interesting!!

140.5 down, 224.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Thunderbolts and Lightning

“Very, very frightening.”

So Boot camp??  My boot camp got knocked down by a horrible storm!!  I really need to check the weather forecast when I make plans to leave the house!!  I started boot camp by working out today and then I figured I would get my belly dance practice in when I went to Euclid for Hareem Shar’eem practice this evening.

It was a nice warm day.  I put on some belly dancer practice clothes and hopped into my shiny new car to go to Euclid.  It was a pleasant drive.  I got out of my car and walked into the building and that is when the storm hit.  It was harsh and it came on fast.  I immediately thought of my three frightened dogs in Akron so I hopped back in my car and left.  Total Hareem Shar’eem practice time–0 minutes!!!  I just couldn’t stand the thought of my dogs at home petrified.  Storms really scare them.

So I am driving home in a rough, pouring down rain storm.  I couldn’t see very far in front of me and the highway was covered.  I kept thinking of floods etc.  Seemed a possibility but I kept moving.  Halfway home, I am driving and I hear what I thought was someone shooting a gun at my car.  How and why would that be happening during a storm??  It wasn’t, it was the hardest, nastiest hail I will ever see, hopefully!!!  It was hitting my car so hard that I assumed it was going to dent the roof or smash the windshield.  That is when I called my neighbor.  I thought there was a good enough chance that I was going to get killed in the storm that I wanted to let the neighbor know that my dogs were alone in the house.  My biggest fear was getting killed and the dogs being trapped for days without anyone remembering they were there without food or water and unable to get out of the house.  I told him that if he didn’t hear from me in an hour, that means I am dead or I crashed and he should go and get my dogs.  He said he would.  I felt much better.

After that, I drove a few miles in the hail and then by (not through) the tornado in Cuyahoga Falls.  Worst storm I have ever been in but I got home to the dogs who climbed all over me in fear for the next hour.

So I thought, this is a great reason not to practice, right??  I put on my pajamas and started to crawl into bed and the guilt just got me.  The storm didn’t hurt me.  The dogs calmed down once the storm passed.  Did I really need to go to bed instead of practice??

I got out of my pajamas and went downstairs to do my cocaine combo drill for thirty minutes.  That revved me up enough that I decided I wanted to do a Suhaila class too!!  I started back up the stairs to start a class all proud of myself.  Before I got to the top of the stairs, a new storm started and my dog Django was freaking out.  He is literally cowering at my feet right now.  The little guy hates storms.  I am going to crawl in bed with him and forego Suhaila for tonight.  I gotta have priorities!!

139.5 down, 225.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I’m Sorry but I’m Just Thinking of the Right Words to Say

“I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.  And if I have to walk the world I’ll make you fall for me.  I promise you, I promise you I will.”

I just love that song.

Anyway, what am I forgetting??  Oh yeah—BOOT CAMP!!!

I did not take a nose dive on day two.  The boot camp is still going strong!!  I worked out this morning, took a Suhaila online class, and I went to the beach with a fellow dancer Melanie where we walked for two hours with our dogs!!  The time goes by fast when you talk about dance–another perk of being obsessed with your art!!

After taking a few online classes with Suhaila, I don’t see how my dancing cannot improve.  She is so much about drilling, spending 45 minutes on only uphips!!  Anyone would improve with that amount of drilling!!  We will see how I do!!

Once again my body is aching from so much work.  It is a great feeling!!!  Sleep now!!

139 down, 226 to go!!!

The Count Down

If It’s Love You Need Well I’ve Got the Room

“It’s a simple thing that came to me when I met you, I’m alive!!”

Boot Camp!!!  I started my boot camp plan today and it went swimmingly!!  Of course it is only day one.  Day one of a new exercise and/or nutrition plan always goes well.  Here’s hoping boot camp day two goes well too!!  There is no reason why it shouldn’t.  I am hopped up on excitement.  My body is a little less enthusiastic after a work out routine followed by an ab routine, a Suhaila class, building more pirate choreography, as well as teaching drilling and choreography classes.  Just do it, body!!

Shout out to Gina–starting a new nutrition plan as well!!  You go!!!

I never count workout time so counting only bellydance practice I logged 3 hours today.  Good recovery from a bad count on the weekend.  Looking back at my hours, I realize I lose momentum at the weekend.  It wasn’t a big problem back in January – March because I didn’t have as many weekends away or with parties and activities to go to.  Now that the snow has stopped and we sometimes see a decent temperature, I seem to be logging in less hours on the weekend.  Noted and I will now see what kind of efforts can be made to stop doing that.  Boot camp stops for no party!!!

And June 14th is my doctor’s appointment to see if I am allowed to stop taking my lazy pills.  That is motivation enough to keep going.

Dare I say I will log another 3 hours tomorrow.  Yeah, I will.  Three hours.  No excuses!!  Gotta get ahead of the game!!

138 down, 227 to go!!!

I will be excited when these number are the same followed quickly by the first number being HIGHER than the second!!

The Count Down

So Tell Me When You’re Gonna Let Me In

“I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.”

So I did it.  I signed up for one year of Suhaila’s online classes.  That was the longest subscription I could sign up for.  I thought about shorter, and briefly considered the three-day trial before signing up but then I thought I need to pick a goal and get on with it.  I complain about the wishy-washy so I must not become one of the wishy-washy.  I am going to take classes from Suhaila as well as Jamila for the next year!!  This should be a great help with me reaching my current blog goal.

While I am on the subject, according to my stats, my readership has more than doubled.  I could not be more pleased.  In case I have new readers, I would like to explain my goal one more time for those who have missed it.  There are over 80 blog updates now so digging back for the starting blog could be work.  Who knows??   Anyway, here is what I am doing this for:

As a bellydance teacher, I made a New Year’s goal to practice my art 365 hours this year.  It doesn’t have to be an hour a day.  It could be two today and zero tomorrow as long as I hit 365 by December 31, 2011.  I have currently logged in 135 hours of dance practice this year.  (There have been 142 days in 2011 so far in case anyone is wondering.)  I am not currently ahead of the game but I am on it.  🙂

I also said I was going to make my body stronger which I have done and keep doing.  Actually, finding out I have a genetic blood pressure problem this year has helped me with the second part.  If I don’t keep strong, I have to take pills.  I should call them lazy pills from now on.  If I have to take them, it means I am not working out!!

Anyway, I signed up for Suhaila and was intending to take a full class tonight but I was too excited like a child.  I wanted to see what all my choices were so I kept stopping the classes and then looking at another one.  I can’t log any of it but I did get a good feel and I am excited to see how this will help my dance!!

My hours are 135 done so far, and 230 left to my goal!!!

The Count Down

Hands Touching Hands

“Reaching out, touching me touching you.”

So, I went on a little camping trip this weekend.  I keep letting my gypsy road trip experiences get in the way of my progress on the blog.  My blogress.  😉

I got some great inspiration this weekend, however.  A friend of mine gave me a picture of myself from two summers ago.  I was dancing and conditioning for a good part of the day every day two summers ago.  It was the most motivated I have ever been to condition and improve.  It worked.  I was in great dance shape not to mention I like the way I looked.  I also rewarded myself with a bright, new tattoo on my side that year.  I got that for myself after shedding thirty pounds!! 

So I find myself in a unique position.  I am posting a picture of MYSELF on the wall as my new goal.  🙂  No need to find a picture of some other body.  I want my body now to look like my body in the summer of 2009.  And I am not that far off.  I don’t need to drop another thirty but I am going to keep my number goals off the blog for now.  I don’t want to be a complete open book.

To get there, my plan is to continue the created nutrition plan I started last week and start a boot camp–also one I create.  While camping and talking to my friends about my summer ’09 body, someone asked me if there was anyone that does a boot camp in my area.  Celeste was in on the conversation and both of us at the same time said that I don’t need to go to someone elses boot camp.  I am very good at creating my own!!  It is true.  It the summer of 2009, I kicked my own ass and I know how to do it again.  First step–tonight I am signing up for Suhaila’s online classes.  Taking one of those everyday will be a great way to up my technique and condition my body at the same.  That is the dancer part.  I will also continue the workouts and of course, practicing for many gigs that we have coming up.  Boot camp starts now!!

Tonight I am teaching my Cocaine Combos class so I am giving myself an early one hour for tonight.  Cocaine Combos are the perfect boot camp kick-off!!

135 down, 230 to go!!!

The Count Down

Your Hands are in My Hair

“But my heart is in your teeth, baby, and it makes me want to make you near me always.”

Jewel lyrics are always so poetic!!

Here are some fun facts from one of the books I am reading Eat This, Not That.  They list the best and worst foods etc. to get when you are trying to shed a few pounds.  It goes by calories and fat etc.

Best Beer–Guinness Draught,   Worst–Bigfoot Ale

Worst soda–Sunkist

Worst Cracker–Ritz,   Best–Triscuit

Worst Yogurt–Yoplait FF Cherry Orchard,  Best–Fage 2%

Worst Popcorn–Pop-Secret Kettle Corn

Worst Candy–Skittles  😦

Worst Candy Bar–Twix

Top ten foods for your skin:  Almonds, Sweet Potatoes, Cooked Tomatoes, Flaxseeds, Safflower Oil, Spinach, Tuna, Carrots, Green Tea, and Dark Chocolate.  You think my first thought would be “yeah, chocolate” but you would be wrong.  My first thought when I read this list was “When will I ever ingest safflower oil??”

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts.  And by the way, I practiced for half an hour too.  🙂

134 down, 231 to go!!!