The Count Down

Right About Now

“The funk’s your brother.  Check it out now.  The funk’s your brother.”

Last night I slept for 1.5 hours.  Good thing I am not logging sleep hours!!  Would I reach 365 hours this year if I was??  Not if I live every day like I did this weekend.  I need to realize I am not 19 anymore!!

So Celeste and I drove to Indiana on Friday night for a benefit show and workshops.  I was selected to be one of the bellydance teachers.  We didn’t get there until 11 PM or so.  My Gypsy workshop was scheduled for 9:30 AM the next morning so what did we do??  Go over to Amirah’s house and hang out with all the arriving musicians and dancers etc.  Did you really think I was going to say retire early??  It was in the 2:30 AM – 3 AM range before I decided it was time to be responsible.  Had that window closed though??  🙂

The next morning, I got up bright and early to teach my one-hour workshop.  Surprisingly, I was not too exhausted.  It went very well.  I had a nice sized class and everyone seemed to really love the class and choreography!!  I was so much more than pleased!!! 

Once I finished teaching, Celeste and I went to take a two-hour workshop with Blue Lotus Tribe.  So much fun, I have to say.  My stomach started growling about half way through though.  We had a lunch date with our friend Brett from the band Maharal who was there teaching music.  We were to meet him right after our class ended.  We went to the music classroom where he was and found him there with Ishtar.  So with stomach growling and feeling slightly faint from hunger and no sleep, what did I do??  Ask them to play our song so we could practice our choreography!!  They were playing live for us in the show that night.  You gotta take your opportunities when you get them!!  We practiced that a few times and then all of us went to lunch at this nice middle eastern place.

Then we got dressed for the show etc. and met up with the band again to do a run through after the drummer arrived.  We went through the piece many times because they had to work out the taxim etc.  We added a few things–Melissa singing part of the song, Brett and Celeste doing a duo during the taxim and then Melissa and I doing a duo to finish the taxim.  I must say, my gala show teacher spot turned out to look like a party.  It was a party I was happy to attend!!  It was a blast!!

Next up–I forgot.  Hmmm, did we head back to the hotel and get some seriously needed sleep after a long day of dancing and little sleep the night before??  I already telegraphed the answer.  No, we headed back to Amirah’s for a jam session followed by a party.  Return time–5 AM.  And Celeste and I had to get up early so we could drive home so I could teach my 6 PM Cocaine Combos class today.  I taught that class but I was sooo tired because I insist on acting like a 19-year-old when I go on road trips!!

Thirty minutes of practice on friday, 1 hour of my class, 2 hours of  Blue Lotus Tribe class, and 1 hour of practice with the band on Saturday, 1 hour of Cocaine Combo class today!!  Seriously–from this keyboard to my comfortable bed.  A new day of dance is waiting!!

116.5 down, 248.5 to go!!!


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