The Count Down

If It’s Love You Need Well I’ve Got the Room

“It’s a simple thing that came to me when I met you, I’m alive!!”

Boot Camp!!!  I started my boot camp plan today and it went swimmingly!!  Of course it is only day one.  Day one of a new exercise and/or nutrition plan always goes well.  Here’s hoping boot camp day two goes well too!!  There is no reason why it shouldn’t.  I am hopped up on excitement.  My body is a little less enthusiastic after a work out routine followed by an ab routine, a Suhaila class, building more pirate choreography, as well as teaching drilling and choreography classes.  Just do it, body!!

Shout out to Gina–starting a new nutrition plan as well!!  You go!!!

I never count workout time so counting only bellydance practice I logged 3 hours today.  Good recovery from a bad count on the weekend.  Looking back at my hours, I realize I lose momentum at the weekend.  It wasn’t a big problem back in January – March because I didn’t have as many weekends away or with parties and activities to go to.  Now that the snow has stopped and we sometimes see a decent temperature, I seem to be logging in less hours on the weekend.  Noted and I will now see what kind of efforts can be made to stop doing that.  Boot camp stops for no party!!!

And June 14th is my doctor’s appointment to see if I am allowed to stop taking my lazy pills.  That is motivation enough to keep going.

Dare I say I will log another 3 hours tomorrow.  Yeah, I will.  Three hours.  No excuses!!  Gotta get ahead of the game!!

138 down, 227 to go!!!

I will be excited when these number are the same followed quickly by the first number being HIGHER than the second!!


One thought on “If It’s Love You Need Well I’ve Got the Room

  1. Phaedra says:

    Awwww Thanks for the shout out! I cooked my first vegan meal tonight with tofu and everything and it really was pretty good.

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