The Count Down

So Tell Me When You’re Gonna Let Me In

“I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.”

So I did it.  I signed up for one year of Suhaila’s online classes.  That was the longest subscription I could sign up for.  I thought about shorter, and briefly considered the three-day trial before signing up but then I thought I need to pick a goal and get on with it.  I complain about the wishy-washy so I must not become one of the wishy-washy.  I am going to take classes from Suhaila as well as Jamila for the next year!!  This should be a great help with me reaching my current blog goal.

While I am on the subject, according to my stats, my readership has more than doubled.  I could not be more pleased.  In case I have new readers, I would like to explain my goal one more time for those who have missed it.  There are over 80 blog updates now so digging back for the starting blog could be work.  Who knows??   Anyway, here is what I am doing this for:

As a bellydance teacher, I made a New Year’s goal to practice my art 365 hours this year.  It doesn’t have to be an hour a day.  It could be two today and zero tomorrow as long as I hit 365 by December 31, 2011.  I have currently logged in 135 hours of dance practice this year.  (There have been 142 days in 2011 so far in case anyone is wondering.)  I am not currently ahead of the game but I am on it.  🙂

I also said I was going to make my body stronger which I have done and keep doing.  Actually, finding out I have a genetic blood pressure problem this year has helped me with the second part.  If I don’t keep strong, I have to take pills.  I should call them lazy pills from now on.  If I have to take them, it means I am not working out!!

Anyway, I signed up for Suhaila and was intending to take a full class tonight but I was too excited like a child.  I wanted to see what all my choices were so I kept stopping the classes and then looking at another one.  I can’t log any of it but I did get a good feel and I am excited to see how this will help my dance!!

My hours are 135 done so far, and 230 left to my goal!!!


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