The Count Down

I’m Sorry but I’m Just Thinking of the Right Words to Say

“I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.  And if I have to walk the world I’ll make you fall for me.  I promise you, I promise you I will.”

I just love that song.

Anyway, what am I forgetting??  Oh yeah—BOOT CAMP!!!

I did not take a nose dive on day two.  The boot camp is still going strong!!  I worked out this morning, took a Suhaila online class, and I went to the beach with a fellow dancer Melanie where we walked for two hours with our dogs!!  The time goes by fast when you talk about dance–another perk of being obsessed with your art!!

After taking a few online classes with Suhaila, I don’t see how my dancing cannot improve.  She is so much about drilling, spending 45 minutes on only uphips!!  Anyone would improve with that amount of drilling!!  We will see how I do!!

Once again my body is aching from so much work.  It is a great feeling!!!  Sleep now!!

139 down, 226 to go!!!


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