The Count Down

Thunderbolts and Lightning

“Very, very frightening.”

So Boot camp??  My boot camp got knocked down by a horrible storm!!  I really need to check the weather forecast when I make plans to leave the house!!  I started boot camp by working out today and then I figured I would get my belly dance practice in when I went to Euclid for Hareem Shar’eem practice this evening.

It was a nice warm day.  I put on some belly dancer practice clothes and hopped into my shiny new car to go to Euclid.  It was a pleasant drive.  I got out of my car and walked into the building and that is when the storm hit.  It was harsh and it came on fast.  I immediately thought of my three frightened dogs in Akron so I hopped back in my car and left.  Total Hareem Shar’eem practice time–0 minutes!!!  I just couldn’t stand the thought of my dogs at home petrified.  Storms really scare them.

So I am driving home in a rough, pouring down rain storm.  I couldn’t see very far in front of me and the highway was covered.  I kept thinking of floods etc.  Seemed a possibility but I kept moving.  Halfway home, I am driving and I hear what I thought was someone shooting a gun at my car.  How and why would that be happening during a storm??  It wasn’t, it was the hardest, nastiest hail I will ever see, hopefully!!!  It was hitting my car so hard that I assumed it was going to dent the roof or smash the windshield.  That is when I called my neighbor.  I thought there was a good enough chance that I was going to get killed in the storm that I wanted to let the neighbor know that my dogs were alone in the house.  My biggest fear was getting killed and the dogs being trapped for days without anyone remembering they were there without food or water and unable to get out of the house.  I told him that if he didn’t hear from me in an hour, that means I am dead or I crashed and he should go and get my dogs.  He said he would.  I felt much better.

After that, I drove a few miles in the hail and then by (not through) the tornado in Cuyahoga Falls.  Worst storm I have ever been in but I got home to the dogs who climbed all over me in fear for the next hour.

So I thought, this is a great reason not to practice, right??  I put on my pajamas and started to crawl into bed and the guilt just got me.  The storm didn’t hurt me.  The dogs calmed down once the storm passed.  Did I really need to go to bed instead of practice??

I got out of my pajamas and went downstairs to do my cocaine combo drill for thirty minutes.  That revved me up enough that I decided I wanted to do a Suhaila class too!!  I started back up the stairs to start a class all proud of myself.  Before I got to the top of the stairs, a new storm started and my dog Django was freaking out.  He is literally cowering at my feet right now.  The little guy hates storms.  I am going to crawl in bed with him and forego Suhaila for tonight.  I gotta have priorities!!

139.5 down, 225.5 to go!!!


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