The Count Down

More Than a Name or Face in the Crowd

“This is the time of my life!!”

It has been a busy two days.  I went to the Rachel Brice workshop on Friday.  Not only did I learn so much at this workshop, Rachel Brice is a wonderful person.  I had a chance to speak to her when the workshop was over and she spoke to me like I was her peer!!  We were talking about music because during the workshop I realized that her and I use the same shimmy song when we teach.  So she played more song suggestions for me to use in class.  Of course, I came home and downloaded them because my new friend Rach suggested them for me.  😉  A great experience.

I also just got back from seeing a movie with two of my faithful blog readers.  Shout out to Gina and Alexis!!  The movie was Forks Over Knives.  It supports what most of us really know deep down–plant-based diets are the best for you.  They showed people who went from ten pills a day to zero just by cutting out animal products.  High blood pressure was one of the things cured by this.  I should be doing the same thing.  I eat little animal-based foods now.  I thought of a way to cut down to almost none.  We’ll see how that goes.  I have sixteen days until I see the doctor to try to get off my lazy pills.  I am afraid he is going to tell me no.  The people in the movie had drastic changes in bp.  Hopefully, I will too.

I have more dance to do today.  I have three hours so far this weekend.

146.5 down, 218.5 to go!!!


3 thoughts on “More Than a Name or Face in the Crowd

  1. Phaedra says:

    Just went to the Earth Fare website and I am totally psyched to check out the store. A trip on Tuesday may be in order. But I wanted to let you know that they have almond milk yogurt. I may have to see if that is a good substitute.

  2. I never knew they had almond milk yogurt. Now I am thinking all plant-based could happen!! Let me know what time you are going on Tuesday. I would love to go too!!

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