The Count Down

I’m on the Line One Open Mind

“This is my four-leaf clover.”

Today was a good one.  I couldn’t sleep at 6 AM so I got out of bed and went down to the studio and did my Cocaine Combo drills.  For me, that is something!!  After that I prepped for my classes.  I made up new combos and drilled the pirate dance.  Much later, I taught my two classes.  So far I have three hours but I am planning to do a Suhaila class before the night ends.  If I do, I will put it on tomorrow’s total.

Shout outs, there are many:  GINA gets a big one for showing up for TWO classes on this fine holiday when it is 80 degrees out.  Dedication has many rewards!!  AMANDA gets a shout out for showing up for ONE and a QUARTER, and ALEXIS and HOLLY get a shout out for coming to ONE.  Oh yeah!!  Be obsessed with your art and you will go far!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

150.5 down, 214.5 to go!!!


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