The Count Down

Where’s the Party??

“I want to free my soul.  Where’s the party??  I want to lose control.”

So I have decided to focus on large amounts of exercise for the next week and a half or so.  I am trying to shock my body into being stronger.  I seem to be coasting along right now.  No drastic changes.  I think my body got used to my daily routine and needs a boost.  I am still going to practice but the high numbers might drop off but only for a week.  Then I am going back to my previously scheduled boot camp.

It could be a wasted plan but this is the year for experiments since this is the year of the dedication.  I will learn what works and tell all of my loyal readers!!

Today I led a rehearsal and taught a class.  I am only giving myself half an hour because I spent a huge amount of time bossing people around and much less time actually dancing.  We have to practice for upcoming festivals though so I got that in.  That and I worked out twice.

Lots of dance coming up this holiday weekend.  We have dance things every day and I will come back and tell you all about them!!

189 down, 176 to go!!!

The Count Down

If These Walls Could Talk

“They’ve been a witness to all the pain.”

The good news is that I have increased my workout hours.  I get so focused on how many practice hours I am going get and if I am going to reach my goal that I sometimes practice instead of workout.  I need to do both.  Boot camp is the only way.  Less is not more!!  All or nothing!!!

So my workout hours are high and my practice hours are low.  Since I am only tracking the practice hours here, I have to brag about the exercise.  🙂  Still trying for that Summer 2009 body!!  It will be close!!

I drove to Pittsburgh last night for an Unmata-style ITS class.  Great style, great class!!  If only I could include driving hours in my total.  I would have hit my goal by now, easy!!!

188.5 down, 176.5 to go!!!

It’s the last day of June.  The year is half over.  Putting the hours together, I have spent nearly 8 days of this year practicing my art.  Not too bad.  Less than sleeping, more than exercising!!

The Count Down

These Boots are Made For Walkin’

“That’s just what they’ll do.  One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

I got up so late today.  I did some boot camp but not as much as I wanted and I currently feel slothy.  Now, I first thought that I should set my alarm early so that I would get up at the crack of dawn to start boot camp before I have to do things that I have to do.  However, that seems harsh considering I never get much sleep and sleeping late is so rare.  I won’t set an alarm unless an awesome pattern of me getting tons of sleep happens.  Stranger things have happened!!

I taught two classes and practiced and prepped on my own.  The first thing to go when my day is too short is the Suhaila online class.  I need to get one in tomorrow!!  That and a lot more!!

187.5 down, 177.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

He’s a Cold-Hearted Snake

“Look into his eyes.”

Once again, I chose to travel all gypsy-like this weekend and it ended up hurting my numbers.  I did declare this my gypsy year so the traveling is a must but I could do a better job at practicing when I am away sometimes.  Other times I do well.  As it stands this weekend, I got two hours and it was all today.

I went camping this weekend.  I was reunited with old friends and met a couple of new ones.  I saw an old enemy and made a few new ones.  It was a full weekend with not enough practicing.  Tomorrow–back to boot camp!!! 

Today I taught the cocaine combos class and practiced fire dancing with Wicked Gypsy so we would be ready for a performance this Saturday.  Lena taught me how to transfer fire from one wick to another using my fingers.  It’s cool but I need to practice more so I don’t get that, “My fingers are going to burn off” look on my face!!  I will be adding that to my hours when I do!!

185.5 down, 179.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

You Seem Really Glad That I am Sad

“You are not my friend.”

I always say that a friend is only a real friend if they are there when it is inconvenient as well as when it is easy.  How many friends can you say truly are there even when it is hard??  Even when they don’t need to use you for something??  I like those kinds of friends.  I am sick of the other kind!!

I thought I would get a little drama in my post today to keep it interesting.  I am big on loyalty so that is what comes up in my head occasionally.

As I start my decent downhill into the second half of my goal, I did a Suhaila online class today but I had such a stomach ache that I stopped halfway through the class.  Such excuses!!  I exercised much more than I practiced but I did teach class and a rehearsal.  I am trying to work my way back up to boot camp hours.  I am close.  If I count the exercise hours I have three.  I can only count one as practice hours though but I am getting back on track!!

183.5 down, 181.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

You Want to Run Away

“Don’t care where you go.  You want to run away.  That’s all you know.”

So is it wrong that I stopped practicing mid-practice, after 30 minutes so I could do this:

182.5 down, 182.5 to go!!!

I am exactly halfway to my goal!!  And the year is not quite half over so I am ahead of the game.  Yeah!!!!!  I’m so happy to be heading downhill now.  It makes me feel like I am really accomplishing something.

Advice for belly dancers that want advice from a random belly dance blogger like myself:  Set a goal and do everything to reach it!!!  It can be done and you will feel so good about yourself and your dancing!!

I have more practicing I want to do today but anything else will be for tomorrow’s blog.  Today I am basking in the matching numbers!!

The Count Down

The Night’s Our Day

“We’ll dance this fading life away.”

Last night Wicked Gypsy went to a fun gathering of belly dancers.  All the dancers did a short set of bellydancing together in between bands at a cafe in Youngstown.  It was so much fun!!  And it was a really nice cafe.  I’m glad some of the WG dancers came out with me on a Tuesday (the longest day of the year!!)  Shout out to Melly and Zing!!

As far as practice goes, we drilled that piece for a good hour when everyone got together yesterday.  Now that I have danced on the Nashville of the North stage all weekend and my Tuesday night gig is done, I want to start boot camp again.  It has gotten so that I feel lazy if I don’t workout and practice half the day!!  I get excited when I have lots of gigs but I also like to have time to drill, practice, and exercise.  A good mix of both is wonderful for a belly dancer!!

182 down, 183 to go!!!

Today should be the last day that the first number is smaller than the last!!  I’ll be half way home!!