The Count Down

The Night’s Our Day

“We’ll dance this fading life away.”

Last night Wicked Gypsy went to a fun gathering of belly dancers.  All the dancers did a short set of bellydancing together in between bands at a cafe in Youngstown.  It was so much fun!!  And it was a really nice cafe.  I’m glad some of the WG dancers came out with me on a Tuesday (the longest day of the year!!)  Shout out to Melly and Zing!!

As far as practice goes, we drilled that piece for a good hour when everyone got together yesterday.  Now that I have danced on the Nashville of the North stage all weekend and my Tuesday night gig is done, I want to start boot camp again.  It has gotten so that I feel lazy if I don’t workout and practice half the day!!  I get excited when I have lots of gigs but I also like to have time to drill, practice, and exercise.  A good mix of both is wonderful for a belly dancer!!

182 down, 183 to go!!!

Today should be the last day that the first number is smaller than the last!!  I’ll be half way home!!


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