The Count Down

You Want to Run Away

“Don’t care where you go.  You want to run away.  That’s all you know.”

So is it wrong that I stopped practicing mid-practice, after 30 minutes so I could do this:

182.5 down, 182.5 to go!!!

I am exactly halfway to my goal!!  And the year is not quite half over so I am ahead of the game.  Yeah!!!!!  I’m so happy to be heading downhill now.  It makes me feel like I am really accomplishing something.

Advice for belly dancers that want advice from a random belly dance blogger like myself:  Set a goal and do everything to reach it!!!  It can be done and you will feel so good about yourself and your dancing!!

I have more practicing I want to do today but anything else will be for tomorrow’s blog.  Today I am basking in the matching numbers!!


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