The Count Down

You Seem Really Glad That I am Sad

“You are not my friend.”

I always say that a friend is only a real friend if they are there when it is inconvenient as well as when it is easy.  How many friends can you say truly are there even when it is hard??  Even when they don’t need to use you for something??  I like those kinds of friends.  I am sick of the other kind!!

I thought I would get a little drama in my post today to keep it interesting.  I am big on loyalty so that is what comes up in my head occasionally.

As I start my decent downhill into the second half of my goal, I did a Suhaila online class today but I had such a stomach ache that I stopped halfway through the class.  Such excuses!!  I exercised much more than I practiced but I did teach class and a rehearsal.  I am trying to work my way back up to boot camp hours.  I am close.  If I count the exercise hours I have three.  I can only count one as practice hours though but I am getting back on track!!

183.5 down, 181.5 to go!!!


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