The Count Down

He’s a Cold-Hearted Snake

“Look into his eyes.”

Once again, I chose to travel all gypsy-like this weekend and it ended up hurting my numbers.  I did declare this my gypsy year so the traveling is a must but I could do a better job at practicing when I am away sometimes.  Other times I do well.  As it stands this weekend, I got two hours and it was all today.

I went camping this weekend.  I was reunited with old friends and met a couple of new ones.  I saw an old enemy and made a few new ones.  It was a full weekend with not enough practicing.  Tomorrow–back to boot camp!!! 

Today I taught the cocaine combos class and practiced fire dancing with Wicked Gypsy so we would be ready for a performance this Saturday.  Lena taught me how to transfer fire from one wick to another using my fingers.  It’s cool but I need to practice more so I don’t get that, “My fingers are going to burn off” look on my face!!  I will be adding that to my hours when I do!!

185.5 down, 179.5 to go!!!


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