The Count Down

If These Walls Could Talk

“They’ve been a witness to all the pain.”

The good news is that I have increased my workout hours.  I get so focused on how many practice hours I am going get and if I am going to reach my goal that I sometimes practice instead of workout.  I need to do both.  Boot camp is the only way.  Less is not more!!  All or nothing!!!

So my workout hours are high and my practice hours are low.  Since I am only tracking the practice hours here, I have to brag about the exercise.  🙂  Still trying for that Summer 2009 body!!  It will be close!!

I drove to Pittsburgh last night for an Unmata-style ITS class.  Great style, great class!!  If only I could include driving hours in my total.  I would have hit my goal by now, easy!!!

188.5 down, 176.5 to go!!!

It’s the last day of June.  The year is half over.  Putting the hours together, I have spent nearly 8 days of this year practicing my art.  Not too bad.  Less than sleeping, more than exercising!!


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