The Count Down

Where’s the Party??

“I want to free my soul.  Where’s the party??  I want to lose control.”

So I have decided to focus on large amounts of exercise for the next week and a half or so.  I am trying to shock my body into being stronger.  I seem to be coasting along right now.  No drastic changes.  I think my body got used to my daily routine and needs a boost.  I am still going to practice but the high numbers might drop off but only for a week.  Then I am going back to my previously scheduled boot camp.

It could be a wasted plan but this is the year for experiments since this is the year of the dedication.  I will learn what works and tell all of my loyal readers!!

Today I led a rehearsal and taught a class.  I am only giving myself half an hour because I spent a huge amount of time bossing people around and much less time actually dancing.  We have to practice for upcoming festivals though so I got that in.  That and I worked out twice.

Lots of dance coming up this holiday weekend.  We have dance things every day and I will come back and tell you all about them!!

189 down, 176 to go!!!


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