The Count Down

When the River was Deep

“I still believed.  I knew you were waiting for me.”

So the good news is that I got exercise and I practiced.  The bad news is that it was no boot camp.  It was a decent average amount of exercise that is not going to get me my summer 2009 body by this weekend. 

See how I am focusing on the negative??  Even though I won money because I lost more weight than everyone with the exception of Alexis who tied with me, I still focus on what I don’t have.  I hang my head in shame.  Be happy!!  Do as I say not as I do!!  I will work on being happy too!!

I walked for an hour today and I practiced for my Pennsic performance.  More than I did yesterday.  Less than I will do tomorrow!!

231 down, 134 to go!!!

The Count Down

Your Love is Better Than Ice Cream

“Is better than anything else I have tried.”

Yesterday’s Hafla/Ice Cream Buffet left me with two giant tubs of ice cream, and leftover chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and marshmallow topping.  These are all things I said I would not touch after the party was over and that I helped myself to today.  I then had to get it out of the house.  I found someone who would take it and I handed it all over.  If no one wanted it, it was going to be thrown out instantly.  I cannot be trusted!!!

All this right after I tied for first place in the Belly Busters contest last night at the party.  I lost 7% of my total weight as did Alexis.  We split the $90 prize.  Shout out to Alexis!!!

I guess the heartless be-otch the scale is not that heartless after all.  And I would not put the blame on the scale if I gain half of it back eating the leftover ice cream.  I would only blame myself and, of course, the ice cream.  It is the ice cream that is the true heartless be-otch.  I discovered the enemy and removed it from my home!!!

I practiced for half an hour just so I could put that I practiced on the blog.  So sad that I finished the fast and then took a few days off.  The good news is that today I am feeling that lazy shameful feeling I get when I know I should be doing more.  No more days off for me.  I go to Pennsic in five days.  It could be five days of exercise, or five days of slowly gaining some of the pounds I lost back.  I would not be pleased with myself if I did that and I would be ashamed to blog about it too.  That and I just mended fences with the scale.  I gotta keep that friendship going!!  Must do better!!

230.5 down, 134.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Stop Calling Stop Calling

“I’ll be dancin’.”

Tonight was The Shuvani Dance Studio Hafla and Ice Cream Buffet.  There was lots of ice cream eating and dancing!!  I wouldn’t call it a successful day of training by any means but we gotta have fun sometime.    I cleaned the house for most of the day and did not get much done in the way of practice.  We did a round of cocaine combos during the party but I don’t know if we did 30 minutes.  I am going to guess that we did not and not take any practice hours for today.  Gotta be fair about it!!  When I get up in the morning, I will do so with a training frame of mind.  Don’t want to go back to old lazy habits or have to take the lazy pills again!!

230, 135

The Count Down

Give A Little Bit of Heart and Soul

“Give a little bit of love to grow.”

Today was the first day off of the vegetable and fruit fast.  I had ice cream that tasted like a pile of sugar because I haven’t had any sugar in two weeks.  I have completely lost my sugar cravings.  Let’s hope they stay lost.  I went to a restaurant too but all in all I did not do too badly.  🙂

I took a bit of an exercise break.  It was nice to get up this morning and not have a huge list of exercising to do but I don’t want to get too comfortable.  I stepped on that heartless be-otch the scale and found I had lost a good amount of weight total so I don’t want to go back up.  So now this is how much I weigh:

If that number doesn’t show on your computer there must be something wrong with it!!  Tech support–Help!!!

Anyway, I did teach my Cocaine Combo class so I got an hour of cardio that counts as an hour of practice too!!  Much better than nothing and used to be what I got everyday back in those days that I was a lightweight.  Way, way back when the blog started.  😉

230 down, 135 to go!!!

The Count Down

Went To Party Last Saturday Night

“I know I like dancing with you.”

Last day of the fast.  I am going to go to sleep early so I can get up and eat food that is not fruits and vegetables!!  I barely ate today because I am tired of the foods that I am allowed to have on this fast.  I did change the shape of my body by doing it though.  Always worth it but it is nice to have a day where I can just eat what I feel like.  That will be tomorrow!!

I went to a party tonight while I still have a few fasting hours left and everyone was trying to talk me into drinking by saying that I am almost done anyway, close enough etc.  I never break a fast.  Never make exceptions!!  Just do it!!  That is what I say anyway.  🙂

I did all the workouts and the practice and the Suhaila class today.  Tomorrow is another story.  We’ll see how that goes.

229 down, 136 to go!!!

The Count Down

Never There

“You’re never there.  Your never, ever, ever, ever there.”

Tomorrow is the last day of the fast.  I now have a list of things that I would like to eat when it is done.  Tea with milk and some kind of biscuit is still at the top of the list.  I guess that is my comfort food.  I guess I am truly English.

Today I did a Suhaila class and the drills and workouts.  I thought about practicing more but I am done with everything I needed to accomplish and since I am done early in the day, I really want to chill tonight.  It’s been nearly two weeks since I have been able to do that.  I have always had some kind of practice, exercise, or class to do–staying up late to do it.  Tonight is my early night to go to sleep and wake up fresh to boot camp for the last day of the fast tomorrow.  I am so exciting this Friday night, aren’t I??

227.5 down, 137.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

Don’t Phunk with My Heart

“I want your mind too.”

Last night Nadeau and myself taught bellydance at a summer camp for kids.  It was humid and hot and there were many kids.  Kids are generally the same kind of students where half the group is really interested and the other half look at me like I am crazy.  I usually win most of them over by the end.  This group was a little different though because the camp brought all the boys to the class.  It was very disruptive because the boys would try a move and people around them would start laughing.  Boys for the most part tend to make it into a joke especially if they are young.

That went on during the movement teaching so when it came time for the little choreography, I told them to come to the front if they were interested in learning it, go sit down if they were not.  I had a nice sized group of people learn the fun dance and it went well.  Then Nadeau and I also performed two songs for them and did a little sword demo.  A great experience but now I know for the future not to allow a pile of boys into the class.

I also did my workouts, a Suhaila class, and the drills.

226 down, 139 to go!!!!

The Count Down

How Do We Get There??

“God Only Knows.”

Tonight we had a Hareem Shar’eem practice where we didn’t practice at all.  We just chatted.  So chatting hours are up to four.  I don’t count those however, so I came home and did an extra Suhaila class.  I just finished it right now.  Still sweating because it is so hot today.  I am not complaining though.  If I don’t have to wear socks or a jacket, I do not complain!!

So, I did two Suhaila classes, the Cocaine Combo Drill, and the workouts.  I am making my four or more hours of practice and/or workouts goal most days.  It is awesome!!  Feeling good each night.  Worse each morning when I start with zero but I am powering through!!!  Three more days of the fast!!

223 down, 142 to go!!!

The Count Down

Happy Together Unhappy Together

“And won’t it be fine.”

I had a miserable day for a variety of reasons.  The first reason is that since I last blogged, I realized that someone stole the cash out of my wallet while I was performing on Saturday.  thieves suck!!  Taking someone’s money while they are dancing with fire is risky too!!  You could get burned!!  😉  I didn’t realize it until I next opened my wallet and all the cash was not there, however.  Nothing I can do about it but it made me sad and a little cranky.  I really didn’t want to donate it to a thief.  Shame on that thief!!

Other than that, I haven’t felt good all day.  I still did all my workouts and I practiced for an hour and half but I didn’t feel good while doing it so it doesn’t have the same accomplished feeling.  I am plugging along though.  I am still fasting too.  Four days of that left.  After that I would love some tea with milk in it and a biscuit.  I would usually say something fancier like ice cream or Mexican food but I am not feeling well and I have an English mother.  We crave tea and biscuits when we are feeling bad.

220.5 down, 144.5 to go!!!

The Count Down

I Was an Impossible Case

“No one ever could reach me.”

Yesterday was an active day!!  I got 4 hours of practice before exercise.  I taught two classes (2), I took a Suhaila class (1), did my combo drills (.5),  and prepped for my classes (.5).  That plus my workouts has made my body tired and achy again.  It has been 9 days of the turbo workout plan and my body doesn’t seem quite used to it yet.  I was hoping the energy would go up a little faster but I am doing well.  No part of my body has given out yet.  Hopefully, I have enough muscle built that it won’t

It is 6 AM right now.  I am up too early!!  I don’t think I want to start today’s exercising etc. when going back to bed is an option.  Rest is an important part of this whole thing too!!  I think that is true–that or I am just looking for a reason to go back to bed!!  Pillow is calling me.  Here are my numbers:

219 down, 146 to go!!!