The Count Down

Don’t Phunk with My Heart

“I want your mind too.”

Last night Nadeau and myself taught bellydance at a summer camp for kids.  It was humid and hot and there were many kids.  Kids are generally the same kind of students where half the group is really interested and the other half look at me like I am crazy.  I usually win most of them over by the end.  This group was a little different though because the camp brought all the boys to the class.  It was very disruptive because the boys would try a move and people around them would start laughing.  Boys for the most part tend to make it into a joke especially if they are young.

That went on during the movement teaching so when it came time for the little choreography, I told them to come to the front if they were interested in learning it, go sit down if they were not.  I had a nice sized group of people learn the fun dance and it went well.  Then Nadeau and I also performed two songs for them and did a little sword demo.  A great experience but now I know for the future not to allow a pile of boys into the class.

I also did my workouts, a Suhaila class, and the drills.

226 down, 139 to go!!!!


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