The Count Down

Went To Party Last Saturday Night

“I know I like dancing with you.”

Last day of the fast.  I am going to go to sleep early so I can get up and eat food that is not fruits and vegetables!!  I barely ate today because I am tired of the foods that I am allowed to have on this fast.  I did change the shape of my body by doing it though.  Always worth it but it is nice to have a day where I can just eat what I feel like.  That will be tomorrow!!

I went to a party tonight while I still have a few fasting hours left and everyone was trying to talk me into drinking by saying that I am almost done anyway, close enough etc.  I never break a fast.  Never make exceptions!!  Just do it!!  That is what I say anyway.  🙂

I did all the workouts and the practice and the Suhaila class today.  Tomorrow is another story.  We’ll see how that goes.

229 down, 136 to go!!!


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