The Count Down

Give A Little Bit of Heart and Soul

“Give a little bit of love to grow.”

Today was the first day off of the vegetable and fruit fast.  I had ice cream that tasted like a pile of sugar because I haven’t had any sugar in two weeks.  I have completely lost my sugar cravings.  Let’s hope they stay lost.  I went to a restaurant too but all in all I did not do too badly.  🙂

I took a bit of an exercise break.  It was nice to get up this morning and not have a huge list of exercising to do but I don’t want to get too comfortable.  I stepped on that heartless be-otch the scale and found I had lost a good amount of weight total so I don’t want to go back up.  So now this is how much I weigh:

If that number doesn’t show on your computer there must be something wrong with it!!  Tech support–Help!!!

Anyway, I did teach my Cocaine Combo class so I got an hour of cardio that counts as an hour of practice too!!  Much better than nothing and used to be what I got everyday back in those days that I was a lightweight.  Way, way back when the blog started.  😉

230 down, 135 to go!!!


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