The Count Down

Your Love is Better Than Ice Cream

“Is better than anything else I have tried.”

Yesterday’s Hafla/Ice Cream Buffet left me with two giant tubs of ice cream, and leftover chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and marshmallow topping.  These are all things I said I would not touch after the party was over and that I helped myself to today.  I then had to get it out of the house.  I found someone who would take it and I handed it all over.  If no one wanted it, it was going to be thrown out instantly.  I cannot be trusted!!!

All this right after I tied for first place in the Belly Busters contest last night at the party.  I lost 7% of my total weight as did Alexis.  We split the $90 prize.  Shout out to Alexis!!!

I guess the heartless be-otch the scale is not that heartless after all.  And I would not put the blame on the scale if I gain half of it back eating the leftover ice cream.  I would only blame myself and, of course, the ice cream.  It is the ice cream that is the true heartless be-otch.  I discovered the enemy and removed it from my home!!!

I practiced for half an hour just so I could put that I practiced on the blog.  So sad that I finished the fast and then took a few days off.  The good news is that today I am feeling that lazy shameful feeling I get when I know I should be doing more.  No more days off for me.  I go to Pennsic in five days.  It could be five days of exercise, or five days of slowly gaining some of the pounds I lost back.  I would not be pleased with myself if I did that and I would be ashamed to blog about it too.  That and I just mended fences with the scale.  I gotta keep that friendship going!!  Must do better!!

230.5 down, 134.5 to go!!!


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